Popular Swedish Ice Hotel Ordered To Install Smoke Alarms

The famous structure of the Swedish, which is totally made of ice, is a world famous attraction. The hotel is rebuilt each year. Thousands of tourists come to visit this amazing ice hotel every year. Everything appliances, furniture, floor, roof, walls and everything you will see inside is made of ice which attracts tourists from all over the world to visit this amazing ice hotel.

Swedish Ice Hotel

Amazing tourist attraction

Tourist likes to have the exciting experience of living in this vast igloo where they have to sleep on the ice bed and at a temperature as low as -8C. The hotel is located at the town of the Jukkasjarvi in a small arctic town; this hotel is built every year as it gets melted when the spring comes. In the year 1990 the first guest visited and had a stay in the hotel, but this year authorities have demanded the hotel to put an alarm for security reasons.

One of the spokesmen of the hotel shared this news that at first they were completely surprised, but when they gave a second thought they found that there are things that can actually catch fire such as sleeping bags, pillows and reindeer skin. For the hotel staff and managing the security of their guest sis the top most priority so they agreed with the orders.

Inside peek of hotel

The environment of the hotel is snow, ice and humid, it’s a great challenge to build a hotel like this but it’s a great experience for the creators and guests as well. The alarms implemented are tested by the local fire department. The hotel is one of its own kinds and every year a new design is created having unique ice sculptures. The hotel is constructed with a since layer that is a mixture of snow and ice. The features of “since” are great as it is both stronger than snow and lighter than ice and has insulating properties of snow.

This year construction of the hotel was stopped because bosses were ordered to install smoke alarms on the premises. Despite that, everything built in the premises is entirely made of ice. Still few things can catch fire so the hotel authority and management comply with the order. The hotel is open for the tourists in the month of December and it is open until April. This is one of the own kind and now having fire alarms too.

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