Practice Makes Perfect For Players

People who take part in sports and undertake regular exercise, such as practising rugby drills, will be helping to keep their bodies and minds healthy and active.

Concern is growing that the NHS is under too much strain because of people’s lifestyles.

Many people are not getting enough exercise or eating the right foods, which is going to cause them problems in later life. They may develop diabetes or heart problems or become obese.

Practice Makes Perfect For Players

One fun way to keep fit and healthy is by taking up a sport. Children of all ages learn different sports such as swimming, tennis, football, rugby, cricket or netball at school. Some will drop these once they leave, but by making the sport fun and interesting, maybe they could be encouraged to take them up again.

A report from the United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Sport for Development and Peace says young people benefit from physical activity, as it helps to develop healthy bones, hearts and lungs as well as improve their motor skills and cognitive function, according to an article by Sport and Development.

Keeping active also benefits older people, as it can help them to maintain a good quality of life and stay independent. Sports can be adapted for older people so they are less physical but beneficial.

Sports Can Also Benefit the Mind

A Healthline article says sports and other physical activities stimulate chemicals in the brain to make you feel happier and more relaxed. It can also keep mental skills such as thinking and learning sharp as you get older. People of all ages should be encouraged to take part in sports.


For a coach, it is important to keep players motivated and interested, so they do not get bored and drop out.

They will also be less motivated if the coaching sessions are always the same. The routine needs to be varied so they learn new skills or practise old skills in a new way.

Coaches can set up a sport plan to ensure different training methods are introduced.

When practising rugby drills such as defending, for example, the players could have to move backwards and forwards to three sets of cones while keeping in a straight line.

To bring variety into the drills, they could do press-ups at each set of cones.

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