Practice Makes You Perfect

One of the best ways to get a better score on the GMAT is to commit to a regular schedule of taking a GMAT practice test between three and six days each week. Set a reasonable goal for when you want to take the actual exam, then give yourself a reasonable amount of time to prepare by taking practice exams. Because the test is timed, it is also important to simulate the actual test environment as much as possible. Dedicate a space that is only for your GMAT preparation and get a timing device.

Practice Makes You Perfect

During the first few tests that you take, focus on the problem solving process of each section. Once you become familiar with the entire GMAT format, then train yourself to become faster with each test by forcing yourself to perform within the actual GMAT testing times. This is very important because you will be able to take the actual test with a realistic expectation of your performance. Having that confidence on test day helps to remove a significant amount of pressure and fear, and that energy can then be better spent focusing on high performance.

The more practice exams that you take, the clearer picture of your strengths and weakness will appear. After your first few tests, it may seem overwhelming and confusing that your score remains at the same level. After having taken about a dozen exams, you will be able to see which sections need the most improvement. For example, you may find that the writing section is easy for you, and thus, have no issues completing this part of your GMAT practice test. But, when it comes to the math portion, you continue to have problems and low scores. This is when you adjust your practice strategy, spend less time on what you are strong in, and shift the focus of your practice time on your weaknesses. Overcoming a weakness seems impossible to many people at first, but trust that you will be able to see the patterns of problem areas, and usually it is something very simple and easy to fix. The hardest part of this learning process is discovering your weaknesses, and then knowing how to correct them.

Make sure to take some days off from taking a GMAT practice test. Your brain needs a little time to process the narrowly focused type of training that you are going through. Top professional athletes have training seasons and down time. Rest is a very important part of being able to perform at your best. The test can both open and close doors to your educational opportunities, and the pressure is intense. Always remember that many others have went through this intensive process, and that has led to these valuable resources that are available to you, so that you can excel on this important exam.

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