Pros and Cons Of Digital Reading

Pros and Cons Of Digital Reading

Most hardcore readers are fully committed to their physical books without even seeing the pros of going digital for your reading habits. While both are still reading (don’t let anyone pressure you into thinking that reading on a device is not reading) most people see them as very different mediums to the same end. We are here to help you weigh the pros and cons of both traditional and digital books.

Pros and Cons Of Digital Reading

Traditional Books Pros

There is nothing better than the feeling of having actual paper between your hands rather than a dingy tablet. With a traditional book, you feel as though you have a sense of ownership over it that you can never feel with an ebook. You are able to have your favorite titles in paperback proudly displayed in their home like art pieces and show them to whomever you choose. In our opinion, casual readers do not feel as binded to traditional books, whereas book lovers will cling to paperback with all their might.

Traditional Books Cons

As pretty as books are to have on your shelf, they can take up so much space, especially if you do not have a designated book shelf for your collection. Space is a big con when it comes to paperback, especially when travelling or commuting. Depending on the size of your book, carrying more than one book can put a serious strain on you. Another factor is the price of a traditional book, which can go up to $20, if not more. For serious book readers who read more than a book a month, this can put a pretty hefty dent in your wallet.

Ebooks Pros

Ebooks are the solution for readers on a budget, especially when you use a streaming service for your books. Sites like Playster provide unlimited books and audiobooks each month, which is perfect for heavy readers. There is also sites like Scribd, which give you three free books a month, but not to its full catalog, or sites like Audible, but they only offer one audiobook a month. If subscription is not your thing, you can always download your ebooks and audiobooks on multiple sites. It also allows you to save tons of space on your bookshelves and bags. The best part of all? If you do not want people to see the book you are reading, ebooks perfectly hide that embarrassing cover you may not want others to see.

Ebooks Cons

A problem ebook readers may have is the threat of a potential theft of your reading device. To thieves, the thought of a tablet over a book seems much more enticing. As a reader, you may feel like your sense of ownership is also gone since you do not own a physical copy of the book. Lastly, if you are going on a long trip without any electrical outlets, your reading device may die out.

In conclusion, if you enjoy reading, you will find both pros and cons in both digital and traditional reading. We personally recommend carrying around a digital reader if you plan on travelling or even for your daily commute. If you absolutely love traditional books though, go ahead. Either way, reading is what is most important of all, no matter how you consume your books.

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