Pros Of Managing Your Best Digital Menu Boards For Restaurants Remotely

Pros Of Managing Your Best Digital Menu Boards For Restaurants Remotely

If you are in the food service industry, you definitely appreciate the need for digital signage. Long gone are the days when you had to print signs and keep updating them as limited offers changed. This being the information technology age, you can leverage on the power of real-time communication to create a competitive edge using remotely managed digitized signs.

Remote Digital Signage Management in Brief 

Basically digital signage offers benefits such as ease of menu changes, enhanced customer service experience, reduced perceived wait-time, emergency messaging alerts, infotainment value, green-friendly marketing, cost-savings and versatility among others.

The hard part comes in managing your signage. In a restaurant situation for instance, launch of new menu items and other alerts require constant content creation and publishing. This is where remote management solutions play a critical role.

Managing your signage remotely means you will have total control over communication in your restaurant. All you need to do is sign-up with a credible remote management system, which will host your account. This in turn will make it possible for you to monitor your digital signage from whichever location through Android, Windows and even iOS devices.

When you incorporate the remote management feature, your restaurant will enjoy even more benefits including but not limited to:

  • Enhanced manageability: You will have total control in content creation and publishing wherever you are situated. The fact that restaurants are sensitive business set-ups makes it necessary to monitor what your customers are experiencing.
  • Unlimited storage capacity: You have access to unlimited disk space on the remote management system. Such leeway makes it easier to keep updating content without limitations. You can load files onto your account and use it when the right chance arises.
  • Remote maintenance: One of the toughest aspects even on the best digital menu boards for restaurants is always maintenance. However you now have access to remote configuration updates, remote desktop access for easy maintenance, remote monitoring and alert systems in case of technical issues.
  • Access to reporting and statistics: Digital signage is all about marketing and analytics play a key role in evaluating the ROI value of this investment. With remote management, you have access to scheduled and customized reports, real-time stats, software and hardware inventory, usage tracking among other reports.
  • Versatility: Whatever device you are using, it is now possible to make it your virtual assistant. Whether you are using a PC, tablet, iPhone, Android powered device or any other, it is now possible to get a system supporting the same.
  • Easy set-up: This is by far the most notable advantage as you can easily set a playlist of media to play, corresponding start date and time as well as end date and time. You can also easily set the display time, banner feeds at the bottom, RSS feeds, custom messages and much more from the comfort of your office or any other location.

Making your digital signage campaigns work is as simple as getting the best remote manager. You need to work with a reliable host in order to offer effective real-time content. Give it a try today.

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Jim Carrow is a digital marketing guru who has worked in the industry for close to two decades. He is a freelance writer specializing in the best digital menu boards for restaurants. When he is not busy reading industry trends, you can find him relaxing with family.

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