Protect Your Car With Defence Detailing

If you own a luxury car, you want it to look its absolute best, every day. This is why you can benefit from professional defence detailing services. This is a great service that will give your car the protection it needs, while allowing your car to look its absolute best.

Defence detailing aims to protect all exterior surfaces of your car. It is recommended for all new cars, or bi-annually for cars that are used on a daily basis. As a car owner you can request this service as regularly as possible. Unfortunately, cars are not always delivered in a perfect condition; this can be due to transportation damage or poor preparation when delivered. When this happens, defence detailing can restore your car to a perfect condition.

Defence detailing can take around one to two days to complete, and it includes a non-scratch luxury steam cleaning wash, a pre-wax preparation, wiping of interior mirrors, one stage paint correction, paint decontamination, and more. This will give your car the attention it needs to look its best, all year long. Detailing services can really enhance the best features of your car, which is why this should be a service you use on a regular basis.

Everything will be taken care of; even your tyres will be cleaned and polished professionally. With paint restoration, minor scratches and marks will also be removed. This means that your paint will look as good as the day it was put on the showroom floor and that is what having a luxury sports car is all about – style and image. With defence detailing, you will receive a complete service and you will be able to keep your car looking good, all year round.

This will comprehensively clean and protect your car’s services and ensure that your car looks its absolute best. If you own an expensive car, defence detailing can significantly benefit you.  You want your car to shine and have that protective layer it needs to protect its paint and other interior and exterior surfaces. That is what defence detailing is all about.

Looking after your car will not only provide you with the best overall image but it will also allow you to retain its value for longer. This is especially true if you own a luxury sports car. You need to make sure that it looks as good as the day you bought it; your sports car deserves the best attention and that’s what you can get with professional defence detailing.

Swiss Detailing specializes in defence detailing as well as signature and interior detailing. Contact us today for a quotation and allow us to protect and preserve your car’s image.

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