Reasons To Opt An Electric Car

As the fuel prices are rising high every now and then, the vehicle owners are facing a lot of problems managing fuel. The latest technology has started an evolution of electric cars to suffice the need of the car owners.

The main reasons for opting an electric car over fuel consuming cars are as follows:

1. Low Maintenance:

The motors of electric cars will last much longer than any fossil fuel consuming cars since it doesn’t require any coolants nor any oil system, there is also no need of changing filters. The probability of any damage to the engine is very less compared to fuel cars. If you want to learn the proper maintenance of electric spare parts of electric cars get an advice from Sydney electrician.

2. Less Emission:

A  lot of Manufacturers are offering low carbon electricity tariffs , which leads to less or comparatively zero emission of carbon monoxide from the vehicles. The heat emitted from the engine is also very low. With the feature of it’s less emission , it is considered to be eco-friendly and also called Green cars.

3. Reliable:

Unlike traditional engines where there are many moving parts whose probability to fail or wear out is high , the electric car has only two . And these two also wears out very slowly since there are no vibrations or heat produced and also no parts moves away from each other since it doesn’t require any lubricants. The drive on Electric cars is smoother and quieter than Fuel cars.

4. Cost Effective :

Though the price of Electric car is not so low, but the cost of maintenance is extremely low. The manufacturers are making efforts to make the Electric cars at an affordable price range. The cost is one time pay since you do not have to waste much on fuels. And you can change the existing car to electric with a reasonable amount.

5. Not Suitable For Everyone:

Though the steps are taken to design electric cars with long lasting battery life, which can drive as long as fuel cars, but it is not for the people who travel long distance everyday.

6. Effective Energy Conversion:

The U.S Department of Energy quoted that Electrical Vehicles  converts  59-62% of the electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels while traditional gasoline vehicles only convert 17-21% of the energy stored in gasoline to power at the wheels, which shows that the Electric vehicles are more energy efficient.

7. Tax Break:

Since the Vehicle tax is dependent on the amount of emission created by the vehicle, The electric cars with very less to none emission leads to tax break. This facility of no tax is encouraging people to switch to electric cars.

In case of any wear or tear of electrical parts of E-car , you can opt an emergency electrician who is more reliable than a car mechanic that repairs only tradition vehicles and may not have proper knowledge to deal with electric spare parts.

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