Rep. Trey Radel Apologies And Statement For The Charge Of Cocaine Possesion

Trey Radel on October 29 was arrested for the cocaine charges according to the Politico. Radel was charged with the transgression of cocaine possession. The congressman Trey Radel is expected to appear in the court on Wednesday. The charge upon Radel carries penalty of 180 days in the jail with thousand-dollar fine according to the reports of the politico. In the Nov 2012 Radel was elected to congress and served on the house committee on the infrastructure and transportation. He also serves for the foreign affairs committee. Radel admitted in a statement which he gave to press that he was an alcoholic which led him to this mistake which was extremely irresponsible.

Trey Radel

Radel Apologies

Radel apologized that he is extremely sorry to disappoint his family, especially his son and wife, and also the Florida people. He said that he has constantly struggled with his habits of consuming alcohol, which led him to make this irresponsible choice. He also said that being a father of a son and husband of a caring wife he needed to get aid, so that he can become a better husband and father. Facing the charge Radel said that he has realized his mistake and how much disappointed he has created for his family, constituents, friends and people. He also said that he is guilty and ready to face the consequences of his actions.

Radel would definitely want to seek the assistance from counseling to get rid of his addiction. This unfortunate event, which occurred in his life, also has a positive side. According to him he takes it as an opportunity to seek help and overcome soon as possible and want to set an example for others who are struggling with the same disease as he is doing.

Radel is a radio host and a former television newscaster. The freshman congressman is associated with the House GOPs conservative wing. He has gained Capitol Hill reputation as an outspoken advocate for the rap music. He has also enticed lots of attention for his spirited tweets review of jazz album which was his last.

John Boehner’s who is a house speaker, R-Ohio issued an immediate statement that the leader will not take any step against the congressman. The suspected crime will be settled in the courts and members of the congress should be knobbed to the as high standards as possible. He also said that this is between the Radel, his family and the constituent members.

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