Revolutionary Color Matching Digital System From AkzoNobel To Help Auto Body Shops

Up till now,according to Auto Body Shop Toronto, painters,body shops,inspectors, dealerships, appraisers, detailers, and professional car buyers at auctions were using hand-held, non-destructive coating thickness gages. They help identify the quality of the paint finish and to verify that the condition of a vehicle matches its stated history. In other words to decide if the vehicle has been in an accident or experienced other types of paint damage.According to Auto Body Shop Toronto, a paint thickness instrument is anauthoritativedevice for discovering poor patching of rust spots, proof of accidents, and paint repairs to delaminated surfaces.Proper inspection can prevent unplanned future repainting costs

Inexperienced person would never detect subtle changes in color, texture or gloss unless he invests significant time to view the vehicle at different angles and under different lighting conditions. Especially hard to examine vehicles in dimly lit areas, in bad weather whether it is a rain, a sleet or snow, or just a dirty vehicle.Poorly prepared or damaged bodies will shorten the life of the vehicle, no matter how good the paint job. That is why a vehicle that has been repainted, nonetheless of the cause, can have a reduced resale value.Recently, people were using electronic paint thickness meters to accurately assess paintwork quality. Contemporary automotive creation methods now include materials such as fiberglass, aluminum, and plastic.

But the most advance technology comes from AkzoNobel. The company has launched a revolutionary digital system which allows auto body shops to measure and match the existing color on any area of a vehicle. It consist of two key elements: the hand held device that digitally analyses color and color retrieval software that provides the matching color formula.

The system is easy to operate. It is require minimal training to attaincorrect measurements.The software guarantees the best color match while reducing paint use, saving time and dropping waste. New invention from AkzoNobel aiming to be at the forefront of modern technology and to meet the strategic requirements of car repair industry.

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