Sailing Destinations In The Mediterranean or Caribbean

Sailing Destinations In The Mediterranean or Caribbean

Sailing gives you an opportunity to explore the endless ocean with wind in your hair and beautiful marine life around you. There are great destinations popular for sailing, especially, in Caribbean and Mediterranean.

1. British Virgin Islands

It is one of the world’s best place for sailing. British Virgin Islands are favourite of millionaires and celebrities who love to take their yacht for spin. It has great number of yacht charter services with protected anchorages. Even if you are new to sailing, you can always sign for the sailing schools. Destination is great combination of party and sailing.

2. St. Martin

Another great Caribbean destination is hot spot for sailing, St, Martin. It offers stunning location and challenging water passages. Place has lively resorts and pristine beaches. Local Caribbean culture has little mix of French and Dutch influence. After a day of sailing, you can enjoy great music, food and amazing party atmosphere.

Sailing Destinations In The Mediterranean or Caribbean

3. Greece

Greece is one of the most toured country in the world. Being in beautiful Mediterranean Sea, it makes great sailing destination. In Greece, you could visit Ionian, Saronic Gulf and Aegan. Anchor you yacht with amazing landscape of Greece in background and savour some wine. You could also visit local ports for some sightseeing.

4. Bahamas

Bahamas in Caribbean is sailor’s paradise. With perfect mix of island escape destination and blue water, you could not choose better place for perfect family vacation. It is also an ideal place for amateur sailors. Sail the Sea of Abaco if you enjoy easy and relaxed sailing. You could go from one island to other to explore. You have numerous deserted island if you seek solitude.

5. Croatia

Croatia could turn out to be a treat for sailors. It may not be most visited destination by sailor, but with numerous beautiful islands to explore, sailing could be a viable choice. You could start with historic Dubrovnik where there is plenty of opportunity for sightseeing and amazing nightlife. There are beautiful villages and towns, you could visit during you sailing trip.

6. Antigua

Antigua is perfect for sailing all year-round. Caribbean party, food, stunning beaches and beautiful harbours makes it a great spot for sailing. Year-round you have steady winds to keep your sails up. You could also take part in Antigua Race Week if you want to test and enjoy sailing skills.

7. Italy

Italy completes this list with its great mix of Mediterranean food, history, art, architecture and beautiful sailing water. With so much to explore around on land, sea too is great for exploring. You could just hire a yacht and travel around the country along the coastline. You will never go out of options when it comes to food in Italy with amazing pizzeria.

Make sure you arrange your yachts with good charter service. Make sure you get everything you want in your boat because a small glitch could spoil your sailing trip. Arrange all documents if you are sailing on international waters. Like if you are sailing to Sri Lankan waters, you must carry proper Sri Lankan visas. Do the complete documentation well in advance, so you could concentrate on your sailing.

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