Samsung Galaxy S6: Best Smartphone Ever

Introduction & Design


I’ve regularly considered how a brand like Samsung could have fouled up so severely in the cell phone space. When I saw the Galaxy S4, I moaned. At the point when the Galaxy S5 moved around, my shoulders drooped further.

How could a brand with such a large number of hyper-shrewd scientists and generously compensated fashioners make something so tasteless yet complex over and over? Both telephones pressed astonishing power in an exhausting case, with every component by one means or another discrediting the other.


How could a brand with such a large number of hyper-clever specialists and generously compensated planners make something so flat yet complex on numerous occasions? Both telephones stuffed astounding power in an exhausting case, with every component by one means or another invalidating the other.Smartphones quit requiring more power a long, long time prior – ostensibly we could have given it up with 2013’s specs and spent the accompanying months streamlining them to permit days-long battery.

So with that race as of now run it turned into a fight for the best plan, which implied that HTC abruptly rose to conspicuousness afresh, with a sufficient spec rundown sitting inside one of the best telephones I’ve ever held.

Screen, Interface and Specs

The showcase on the Galaxy S6 warrants its own particular segment, just in light of the fact that its so clear as can be and sharp, while offering the high difference proportion for splendid whites and dim blacks.

It’s additionally the most keen available right now, as per Samsung, with 577ppi and a super brilliant mode that flames when outside – and it’ll even do as such consequently, as opposed to expecting to be initiated physically.


TouchWiz, Samsung’s Android overlay, was never going to go anywhere, but at least it’s been cleaned up a little bit. It’s still got the same cartoony look about it, with the colours garish and the amount of options slightly complicated, but it’s a far cry from that seen on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The main changes are to the menus: Samsung tells me that the extra dialogue boxes it deemed unnecessary are gone, so if you activate flight mode then you’ll get just that – no double checking from the phone.


The specs on the Samsung Galaxy S6 are wild, with next to one side to need for. I’ve effectively secured the QHD screen and enhanced configuration, yet that is joined by a 64-bit octacore processor (obviously Samsung’s own particular Exynos offering as it declined to name the chipset) 3GB of RAM and updated stockpiling of somewhere around 32GB and 128GB.

The RAM and capacity utilized has additionally been enhanced, which Samsung figures is worth no less than 40% execution change in a few territories.


So, That’s all. I have shared a great review with you. After purchasing this beautiful handset then comment here your usage experience. You can also wait for LG G4

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