Samsung Galaxy S7: Will Be The First Choice For The Users

Samsung devices are specifically winner for almost all the users. People always buzz about the Samsung and at the same breath, you cannot deny this that this device is the most used mobile phone in the world by far. If Samsung is maintaining its goodwill for longer, so it has something very magneticthat we are grabbing this rather than going for other company’s product.

Samsung Galaxy S series is expanding its gravity and barely any people can stay away from this. Galaxy S4 was the smartphone of 2014 and still maintainingits smash hit. S5 unable to do move people towards it because of its shortcomings like no battery life, no specific design and no storage capacity and so on.

The release of S6 has created more hope for Samsung. The market statistics has witnessed the success of S6. Now we can expect the same and more from S7 and I consider that this will boost the consumers of Samsung products.

Check out the updates of Galaxy S7.

Specs of Galaxy S7


4GB RAM is not a everyday thing as laptop cannot carry such capacity what S7 is having as of now.Galaxy S7 can offer more after noticing Apple what it has to offer regarding space.


It carries Exynos processor with the 64 bit. If you check its speed then it has a 3.5 GHz, which is extraordinary so boost your fun with the fast speed on the phone.


128 GB in case of internal memory is predicted about S7 but this device can offer more as Galaxy S6 is carrying 128 GB.

Features of Galaxy S7

I am concluding only those features, which is by far new in the phone.

30 MP Cameras

30 MP Camera is really underlying factor. The utility of camera has increased lot so that much improved MP will helpful. Splendid GigaPixel feature will provide you great shooting experience with its image indeed.


It has Amoled display 4K, 5.5 inch, which is so amazing for such device.


5G Network is something every smartphone cannot carry. 4G network you barely get hold on so 5 G networks will allow users to have unlimited browsing without lagging.


Sensor feature is so unusual for the smartphones. It can monitor your body temperature, which is also so accurate.

Waterproof Tech

Water contact is big concern and you can be free from such damage in this device. This phone can guard your phone perfectly against dust also.


Samsung Galaxy S7 price is expected to be $999.

This first choice handset is coming in 2016 and be ready to grab such a outstanding device for yourself but you have to wait little to see it in your hand. If you are in harry, then buy Galaxy note 5, which will release in month of Oct.

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