Samsung Galaxy Tab 5: Revolution Begins

Samsung is only the revolutionary manufactures of smartphones when it comes to the innovative solutions. And now market is moving towards the cheaper solution carrying everything that can satisfy the needs, so Samsung is coming soon with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 the mid range device but with the satisfying performance.

If we talk about the features of Galaxy Tab 5, from Galaxy S5 new devices would only adopt AMOLED. And it will become the first mid-range tablet from Samsung, which will have the function of a biometric fingerprint reader. As in the phone, the scanner is built into the “Home”. Convenience and practicality of such a sensor is still slightly outperformed Touch ID from Apple. For example, the iPhone 5 to get access to the device, simply press a finger at any angle sensor, but the Tab S (previous Samsung’s tablet) requires a fairly strong depression, so it may take a few attempts. But changes are expected and it could work perfect in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.

On other hand, with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab S at the same time it does not matter, the company made changes to the form factor of the product or just a little improved the technology itself – a fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy Tab S significantly better than its predecessor Galaxy S5. Samsung’s fingerprint can be used to switch between user accounts or to restrict access to certain applications, for example, to make payments in the program PayPal. Most likely, it will have the technical innovation to their liking, and other manufacturers. Also, Samsung Pay would appear in the Galaxy Tab 5 Android tablet.

Samsung seeks to consolidate its line of tablets as a viable alternative to the popular Galaxy Note Pro, so you can expect some changes in the technical gadgets. In any case, both models Tab S show a truly impressive performance in camera configuration and if Samsung manages to get the same in the Galaxy Tab 5 then situation could be better.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S comes in two versions, the version that only supports Wi-Fi, in-house development has been installed Samsung – chip Exynos 5 Octa 5420, combines four cores with 1.9 GHz and 1.3 GHz four. Android can switch between them to optimize performance and battery life. But for models with LTE, the quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 800 with a frequency of 2.3 GHz. And our question is, would there be two versions of Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 based on the difference processors, or just a single model. Well according to the information you would only found one version running the Qualcomm version, although Samsung has avoided using the latest processor form Qualcomm in the flagship Galaxy S6 but for the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 5, Qualcomm solution would appear.

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