How And When To Buy A Satellite Phone - An Overview

How And When To Buy A Satellite Phone – An Overview

Satellite phones is an inevitable device for those who are frequently travelling international, on a sea voyage, reporting a war stuck area or require to be connected all the time. Satellite phones employ orbiting satellite for their connectivity unlike the terrestrial phones. Satellite phones are available at affordable prices and you have the facility to rent or buy the phone as per your requirement. Several providers allow online purchase or renting of satellite phones.

Why to Buy

Satellite phones have wide variety of uses and the recent technological advancements ensure that the signal reception is decent and you are able to connect in few seconds, needless of the distance covered. This quality has made them all the more accessible and powerful. The mobile network we have been utilizing for decades provides us good connectivity but in isolated or remote places the network complexities become very apparent.

Essential in Emergency Situation

In case of any disaster or natural calamity the cellular network breaks down and only satellite phone allows you to communicate outside disaster struck area.

–        Military requirements.

–        Mining and remote forest operations

–        Marine communication

–        Detects location and right direction for voyage.

–        Aids when radio communication fails to help.


During international travel requirement staying connected through your cellular phone proves to be both unreliable and costly. Satellite phone provide a low cost alternative and trustworthy option.

–        Unbelievably low prepaid plans

–        Short time renting facility available.

–        Provides low price internet

–        Facility of no roaming when in home coverage

How And When To Buy A Satellite Phone - An Overview

Smartphone Benefits

Satellite phone can be utilized with your smartphone as well this helps you have the best of both worlds. The new setup is:

–        Allows Facebook and Twitter updates

–        Navigation and other smartphone tools work efficiently

–        Handy and light weight

Ease of Buying and Renting

Satellite phones can be bought or rented through various service providers. The product is delivered within 24 hours and is accompanied by a pre-determined guarantee period. The process is hassle-free and offer world class connectivity.

Satellite Phone Providers

Satellite market has many provides that offer uninterrupted network connectivity to its users. Few of the effective satellite telephone services are discussed below:


It is one of the leading providers of satellite telephone and has high quality network coverage. Iridium provides a high connectivity guarantee. The call rates applicable are quite low and you can easily make calls from anywhere on the planet. Iridium is known to provide communication facility all-round the globe and that sets it apart from other providers.

–        Flat per minute

–        No roaming charge for outgoing calls


It is known to provide high class services at relatively low price. It offers an impressive range of very low cost satellite phone models. The special feature of Globalstar is its home coverage facility with which you can reduce your expenditure of using the satellite phone when using in the specified area. The home coverage area includes Canada, Continental U.S., Eastern Caribbean and some parts of Alaska. The roaming charge for calls outside home coverage area is at $1.39 per minute.


It is a satellite phone brand that provides a variety of satellite devices for hand held units to fixed installations and specialized devices for sea and airborne vessels.

–        High speed internet

–        Handy and technologically advanced phones


Thuraya satellite phones models are one of the cheapest and effective satellite telephone services. Thuraya SO-2510 is an economically priced model available for $865.99. It is most apt for customers looking for smaller and sleeker phones. It provides features like GPS location tracking, fax, GmPRS and SMS services. The connectivity is satisfactory and renting facility is also available.

Satellite phones can be bought from renowned providers and this procedure is quick and stress-free. Customer feedback and product reviews must be read before you go for the purchase so that you buy effective satellite telephone services.

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