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SEO Tips: Must Do’s

Since two years, the study of Search Engine Optimization has gone through many changes. And few things, which were working in past year, are not good as per the present standards of SEO. So, below we have collected few of the SEO tips that would help you.

Content is the most vital thing in SEO and you can, and should take advantage of the layout to accommodate the text as close as possible to the top. Discard the copywriters who write “water”, such as 2-3 consecutive adjectives or use a lot involved and verbal participle phrases to increase. Note the bounce rates and time spent on the page before and after the placement of the new content, if they have not changed, it is worth considering: whether the text is useful? Users are reading content at all? If the bounce rates rose, look at how the request comes on the page may have added SEO-Copywriting “pulls” are not targeted requests. And this is a signal to the substation for the overlay filter.

Many people who are doing SEO since past two years are still following the small mistakes, but few things can help you overcome this, for example Links should not be in the “menu” or “footer. Do not repeat often one encore, the number of repetitions of the anchor not more than 5 times. Make content “for the people.” It is important to know and understand the basic scheme relink sites: a high frequency queries, midrange, bass and universal scheme of SEO content. You have to understand the difference between static and static links, for which they are used.

SEO Tips: Must Do’s

Google can up to 99% right while distinguishing between commercial SEO link. Therefore, commercial SEO links are beginning to “work” in 2-6 months. Our goal is to make it clear. The percentage ratio of “direct” and “dilute” anchor links is calculated individually. But we can build on these figures (for midrange SC request):

  • 30% direct straight links
  • 10% natural links
  • 10% other keywords links
  • 20% dilution of 1 word
  • 30% dilution of two or more words

Avoid using keywords, which are not answered by your content. Mismatch queries to the landing page; at least reduce the likelihood of successful promotion, as maximum, “light” penalties for oversleep. Therefore, do not add any requests to the page if it does not match! In drawing up a semantic kernel, be sure to check the exact frequency of requests. It is important to request highly competitive extremely difficult keyword to promote one of the landing page. Try to promote the site for the greatest possible range of requests that are suitable for it. Engage the entire structure of the site.

Do not try to influence the CTR artificially (cheat). To improve CTR, work on Meta title and description. Do not forget that improving usability – it is not only the improvement of the site, as well as improved internal metrics (bounce rates, time on site, the depth of view, the behavior of users). The improvement of these characteristics may also affect the position, however with time, after conversion of behavioral factors. And if you want to give your project to those professionals then SEO Services in Kerala is ready for any difficult level project in SEO.

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