Setting Up A New Company In Poland – The Choice Is All Yours!

There are choices to be made in the instance of company formation in Poland. This is because of the fact that there are stringent and elaborate legal proceedings that one has to go through before setting up the company. Buying a readymade shelf company might just enable one to bypass the proceedings, but then, they have their own disadvantages.

Poland’s Business Potential

Setting Up A New Company In Poland – The Choice Is All Yours!

Since the country of Poland was incorporated in the EU in 2004, it has been receiving funds and benefits that make Poland a lucrative location for doing business. It is this that saw the country through the economic crisis a few years back when economies all over the world shook up considerably. Nowadays there are several investors that want to take a big advantage of the growing market, the facilities and to tap into the potential that the Polish market possesses.

Long Term Benefits

In the case of a long standing engagement with Poland on matters of business, the safest option that is available for the investors is setting up a company from scratch. This is because it leads to several long term benefits even though the elaborate legal proceedings and the time required to set in on the market might be quite repulsive at the beginning. But it comes with advantages of its own.

The major advantage is that one is free to choose one’s company name which successfully communicates the idea of what the company or brand is all about. Added to that, the investor is at a greater liberty to take decisions that affect the basic working of the company.

One of the big liberties is that the said party is free and independent to choose the first director of the company. This is a thing that would enable the investor to have control of the company. He can make changes suiting his/her needs. Secondly, this makes the investor a major shareholder in the company which enables him to exercise a considerable amount of control upon the valuation.

Disadvantages that can Bother You

The major disadvantage that investors consider in setting up a new company is that of the delay in the accessibility of the market, may be quite reduced by choosing a decent and efficient provider. In that case, the delay might be of the magnitude of only about a week and thus, the major deterrent ceases to be a factor.

Overall, considering the traditional choice of founding a new company is always the safer option.

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