Share Your Favorite Song With Just A Click

Share Your Favorite Song With Just A Click

It’s an inherent nature for human beings, that when we learn or experience something that is pleasing to us, we tend to share it with other individuals so that they may also experience the same good feeling that you had, with varying results. The same can be said with the music we’re listening to.

And with the advent of the internet, sharing your favorite music with your companions has become very easy, that it has become quite the norm for many music enthusiasts.

 How Easy It Is To Share Our Favorite Music Online

During the primitive days of the internet, there are only very few people who are privileged to be able to share their music with others. Most of the times, the individual uses a personal website (often free or paid), and then upload their music from there. Visitors who then to his/her personal webpage would then be able to listen to the music shared by the webmaster. This has proven to be a rather difficult and trivial task, so this has only been used for original composition purposes, among other things.

Share Your Favorite Song With Just A Click

With the advent of the so-called “Web 2.0”, which strongly promotes social media, sharing your favorite music with your friends has never been easier, so much that people do so everytime. Many websites nowadays are now dedicated to music hosting, and sharing. This increased flexibility even allows music companies to have another media outlet for access to their songs, as well as for independent artists. By registering to that hosting site, a music artist is then able to create a channel or a playlist of their own original songs, with which they can freely share it via other social media network outlets. This also technically translates into a “free” promotional medium for the musician, effectively giving them more exposure.

Different Tools To Use In Music Sharing

Advances in internet technology today have given us many options to share our favorite music, both online and using application software. Below are some examples…

  • iTunes
  • This software not only functions as a music player, an mp3 manager, and permits integration to your Apple mobile device and your PC, but it also allows you to download and share your favorite music through your friends online. You can set up podcasts which you can share to your interested listeners, and you can even set up a home network in which you can share a limited collection of your music files, or even your entire library, to anyone you want.

  • Currently the most popular music sharing service around today, this website allows you to listen to any one of your favorite radio stations around, while letting you share the music you’re currently listening to via Facebook. There’s also a mobile app for the iPhone and Android-based devices that lets you do the same purpose wherever you’re on-the-go.

  •  YouTube
  • While this site is mostly used for videos, it’s also a great place to share your favorite music videos to your friends. And what’s more, this site has become extremely popular with major recording labels, as well as independent artists, on which they can host their own exclusive music content on the site, and essentially promote them using other social media sites.

As the popularity of social media and music sharing continues, we can expect that many more tools and service will be available that simplifies the process of music sharing to others.

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