Shocking Design TOP 13 Surprising Design Hotels In The World

Shocking Design: TOP 13 Surprising Design Hotels In The World

Do you like travelling? A lot of tourists go from country to country, changing hotels and restaurants. You know, there are many hotels in the world that seem to be the same. They differ just by the view out of the window. Nevertheless, hotel business continues developing to build new and new interesting projects of extravagant and amazing designs.

Hotel de Glace, Canada

This strange hotel is made of ice. It is spent about 15 000 tons of snow and 5000 tons of ice every year. It takes about 5 weeks to build it up. The guests can find an icy bar, cafe, icy glasses and plates. Of course, you should use your sleep bag to sleep in the icy bed. If you want a wedding ceremony in style of the Snow Queen, there is an icy chapel.

Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa, UAE

The hotel is situated in the middle of Arabian Desert. It is built in style of Bedu camp. The complex consists of 30 lux suits-tents. Each of them is equipped with the air conditioner. The hotel territory is designed with antique things and different artifacts. You are welcomed to take part in hunting, horse and camel riding, archery.

Down To Earth, Australia

The hotel impresses tourists with its special location. It is situated 5-7 meters underground. Actually, there are many underground hotels in the city. It is terribly impossible to live on the ground because of heat and mosquitoes. The shops, hotels and churches are situated underground. Of course, you cannot find windows here. There is a spy-glass to observe the sky at night.

Art Luise Kunsthotel, Germany

If you are conservative person, you should not go there. The hotel rooms are real masterpieces. For example, the room 102 is decorated with gold bananas. The room 411 helps you to think. The room 201 takes you to the world of American glamour. All rooms are specially decorated. The building was built in 1825 with the high ceiling (more than 4 meters) and wooden parquet floor.

Jules Undersea Lodge, USA

This hotel is situated in Florida to be oriented to diving lovers. If you want to come in, you need your diving suit and certificate. The hotel is located 6 meters deep into the water. Jules Undersea Lodge plays a role of omni reef that is the home for many different animals. You can learn diving here.

Meilenwerk V8 Hotel

V8 Hotel, Germany

10 lux-suits in V8 Hotels are done in automobile thematic, including Drive-In cinema, washing room and repair shop. The guest rooms are equipped with car details and parts, including Morris Mini and Mercedes. It looks really great.

Library Hotel, USA

Every next floor of this hotel is devoted to books categories. For example, the hotel sections are devoted to philosophy, social sciences, arts. There is also a unique book collection.

Kirini Oia Santorini Boutique Hotel, Greece

The lux boutique hotel Kirini Oia Santorini is situated in the traditional Greek village in Santorini. The unique atmosphere is formed with the admirable sea view and mountain landscapes. The suits are modernly designed to make your life to be like the fairy tale. The chic and plain at the same time, they are colored white. There is a good SPA salon in the hotel territory. Never forget to visit hotel restaurant Relais & Chateaux and bar White Cave Pool Lounge & Cocktail. They welcome visitors to try cocktail in the real cave. You have a great chance to walk along the night streets to admire exotic landscapes.

Sun Rocks Boutique Hotel, Greece

This amazing hotel is situated inside the big rock. The view is amazing! The rooms are white and modern. There is a big swimming-pool in every room.

Indigo Pearl Phuket Hotel, Malaysia

The chic hotel Indigo Pearl Phuket is situated in the quiet romantic bay in Malaysia. It was opened in 2007 and rebuilt in 2012. The hotel is surrounded with the tropic garden and national park. The intriguing design is made of postmodern arts and historical events. The hotel was constructed by the world popular architect Bill Bensley.


Raas Hotel, India

Raas Hotel is situated in India to be the best hotel building according to 2011 WAF. It is situated the picturesque corner of the world – India. The building is located on the top of the Walled City of Jodhpur Fortress of the 17th century. Raas Hotel is a unique combination of styles of new and old. The hotel design is masterfully realized to build the most comfortable building to live in. You can see harmony in architecture, interior design, landscape design, room decoration, restaurants.

The hotel is represented by 32 comfortable rooms and 7 exclusive suits that are additionally organized with sleeping zone, living zone, balcony and bathroom. The warm and friendly atmosphere of Raas attracts travellers to stay here again and again.

Monaci delle Terre Nere Hotel, Sicily

The charming boutique-hotel Monaci delle Terre Nere is situated in Sicily, Italy. You can hire a car in Catania and get to your hotel. It is decorated in the country style to tell you about the historical traditions and design culture of this region. The hotel is also historically important because it was the monastery building many years ago. The hotel is constructed on the top of a mountain with the admirable sea view. There is farm next to the hotel that gives fresh food to the hotel restaurant.

Insólito Boutique Hotel, Búzios, Brazil

Longitude 131 Hotel, Australia

Longitude 131 is a hotel that looks like a touristic camp in Australia. Nevertheless, you will never forget the beauty of the rooms and interesting hotel design. There are 15 green rooms at your disposal. The main point to pay attention is calm and plain surrounding. There is nothing to worry and distract you from nature, admirable sunsets and sunrise. The hotel restaurant offers you to try lux dishes. You can relax with the glass of your favorite cocktail in the hotel bar Dune Top. Want anything special? You may try camel or horse driving or riding a helicopter. It must be interesting!

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