Shopping At The Landmark Market

Shopping At The Landmark Market

Buy fresh fruits and taste the typical food, even can purchase some local specialties. Some market can be the landmark of the city, which many books will recommend traveller to visit. They are open all year, you don’t have to care about your itinerary, and you can experience the city with natives through the market. If you have a chance to visit these cities, don’t forget to hang at the landmark market.

The market in downtown but the price are closes to people.

Landmark market: Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, Australia.

Main features: vast scale, various goods, affordable prices.

Almost every native will go to Queen Victoria Market every week, they come to the market to buy fresh fruits and ingredients from all over the world. Queen Victoria Market opening from mid-19th century, which is the biggest open-air market in Melbourne and even in Southern-hemisphere. Queen Victoria Market deserves to the landmark of Melbourne.

Although it was located in expensive Melbourne and was dubbed Queen, the market always down to earth. There are many stalls they were running for several decades. The trademark here is good reputation, high quality and low price.

Shopping At The Landmark Market

The market is divided into several main parts, the part near to the Queen Street is fresh vegetables, fruits, and farm produces eggs, wild Honey and varies ingredients. The part near to the William Street is groceries. And the part near to the Elizabeth Street is meats, seafood as well as breads and desserts, you can have lunch here as here has many cooked foods. The market will be very busty during the weekend. There are many peddlers who sell their dazzling local souvenirs near the market. For the tourist, it is a good idea to wandering around the market at the weekend.

How to get there: Campervan hire melbourne is a good attempt,also try campervan hire Sydney, I go there by a campervan every times. Queen Victoria Market is located in the Corner of Victoria St and Elizabeth St.

Floating market: thousands of customs and hospitality.

Landmark market: Amphawa Floating Market, Thailand.

Main features: shopping at the market by boat.

We always shopping on foot, but have you ever shopping by boat? Floating Market is the highlight of Thailand. You will visit along the river by boat, stopover at stall that you are interested in. It will give you an extraordinary shopping experience. So, there are many peoples coming here to experiencing the feeling of “Southeast Asian Venice” rather than shopping.

At Amphawa, you can also buy some fresh speciality from natives and experience the local’s lifestyle. Here is a place where typical food congregate. The food is made-to-order, which the price is cheap as well. For example ten scallops for only 50 baht and fry rice only 30 baht.

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