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Should I Use A Discounts and Bonus or Not?

The internet has hundreds of different online casino to offer you. All of these casinos will offer you welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and many other types of bonuses. These bonuses are intended to entice you to join their casino. When I started to take a more serious interest in the online casino industry, I asked myself, “Should I use a casino bonus, or not?” Each casino I visited offered me a different type of bonus with different conditions as well. I have used a few of them, some with positive results and others quite negative. I have had some positive experiences with low wagering bonuses and no deposit bonuses. But on the other hand, several bonuses come with unrealistic conditions.

On this page, I will show you several types of bonuses offered. I will give you the reasons why you should choose to use these bonuses or avoid them. To get started, here is a summary of our recommended online casinos that offer reliable casino bonuses.

What to consider when collecting a casino bonus

As mentioned above, almost all online casinos offer bonuses and promotions when you create an account there. In the following paragraphs, I will describe each type of bonus to you and explain why you should use this bonus or not. Before collecting a casino bonus, it is wise to take the following important points into account.

Is this online casino safe and reliable?

Check the internet to see if the casino you want to join is reliable and secure. We recommend that you only create an account at the casinos listed on our site. All casinos on our website are verified and tested.

Does the casino accept players from your country and is the bonus offered in your country?

Online casinos do not accept players from all countries. Therefore, it is always better to check that the casinos you are interested in accept players from your country, because if a casino does not accept you, you will not be able to collect the bonus offered by the casino.

How much is the bonus available?

Most casinos offer bonuses that require a certain amount of wagering. From one online casino to another, one can find vast differences in wagering. The best casinos have wagers of up to 25 times the bonus amount, while others require wagering up to 99 times the bonus and deposit amount.

Is there a maximum payout for the bonus?

For some casino bonuses, a maximum payout is added to the conditions. Usually, this is the case when you receive a no deposit bonus when you register. Most casinos with a no deposit bonus have a maximum payout of $ 100.

Is the casino bonus offered for all available games?

Casinos sometimes offer you deposit bonuses or no deposit bonuses which are only valid for certain games. Therefore, you cannot use your bonus on all of the games offered by this casino. Pay close attention to these bonuses, because it is always more interesting to use bonuses that will let you play any game in the casino.

General welcome bonus information

When you decide to start playing at online casinos, a wide variety of casinos present themselves to you. Moreover, each of these casinos gives you a different welcome bonus. You can choose a casino that has been recommended to you by a friend, or you can search the internet for the perfect casino for you. It is important to have an idea of ​​what you are looking for. Are you looking for sports betting, classic casino games or are you more interested in playing slots?

When you are looking for sports betting, it is a good idea to open an account at a casino that offers sports betting as well as sports betting bonuses. If you want to play classic casino games or slot machines, you can register at any of the casinos listed on our website. All of them will give you a welcome bonus.

A welcome bonus may include the following bonuses (some casinos will give you more than one of these bonuses in a package):

  • Free spins upon registration (no deposit required)
  • Free money upon registration (no deposit required)
  • A first deposit bonus (an additional amount of money on top of the deposit amount)
  • Free spins with the first deposit
  • A free amount of money with the first deposit

Use a casino bonus or not?

Now is the time to tell you whether or not you should use a casino bonus. Here I will tell you when you should use an available bonus and when you should avoid using a bonus instead. Note that this is only my personal opinion, and your opinion may be different from mine. In the following paragraphs, you will find tips for all types of casino bonuses offered. I look at the bonus conditions and give you my honest opinion.

Free play money upon registration (no deposit bonus)

I think about 10% of online casinos offer some amount of free play money when you sign up at their casino. Free play money is a sum of money you receive when you register at a new casino. There is no real money deposit required to claim your free play money. The standard amounts of free play money are usually $ 5 or $ 10, but some casinos will give you more play money. Essentially you sign up and then see the amount of free money being added to your account. You can try out a casino for free with this amount, so you don’t risk losing your own money.

Here are the reasons why you should use a free money bonus:

  • There is no risk of losing money
  • It’s a free chance to try out multiple games
  • There is no charge when you claim this bonus
  • You can earn real money with the free money bonus

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t use a free money bonus:

  • There are always wagering requirements on free play money bonuses
  • The free play money is there to entice you to join a casino. When you are not ready to make a real money deposit at a casino, I suggest that you do not join that casino and use the free money. When you only use free money, the casino has your details, and you will receive daily bonuses and newsletters. These bonuses are not great if you are not going to play for real money.
  • When you use a free play money bonus, there is a maximum limit to the amount you can earn. If you manage to win a few large sums, you can only pocket your winnings up to the maximum amount, and you lose the other part of your winnings. If you know this as soon as you start playing, this is not a problem since you can stop playing when you reach the maximum amount for your withdrawal.

Free spins upon registration (no deposit required)

Many online casinos offer you a certain number of free spins when you register at their casino. In reality, having free spins is not much different from having free play money, since free spins are worth free money. You can use your free spins on a number of selected video slots, which means you cannot play all of the games available with your free spins. Casinos usually give you 20 to 100 free spins when you register. The more free spins you receive, the bigger your chance to win. About 99% of casinos offering you free spins will give you those spins directly after you register. All you need to do is create an account at a casino offering free spins and open one of the selected games. You will receive your winnings in the form of real money. Use your winnings to play other casino games.

Here are the reasons why you should try the free spins with your registration

  • There is no deposit required to collect the free spins
  • It’s a free chance with no risk of losing money
  • You can win real money with the free spins
  • Try a video slot machine for free and see if you can win some money from it

Here are the reasons why you might choose not to use a casino’s free spins bonuses

  • You can only try one game with your free spins.
  • There is a maximum amount of money you can withdraw with no deposit free spins.
  • Once your winnings have been received, you will need to wager this amount a number of times before you can cash out your winnings. When you win big with your free spins, it can be difficult to meet the wagering requirements.
  • After using your free spins, you will be registered with the casino and will receive promotions in your email box or on your cell phone. If you do not want to receive such messages, we recommend that you either do not register with an online casino or simply turn off notifications from that casino.

Bonus money with your first deposit (real money deposit is required)

When you feel ready to try out an online casino with your own money, it is important to choose a trusted casino to do so. And it’s important to play at a casino that will accept your preferred payment option. Most online casinos give you both local payment options and global deposit options. With your first deposit, you can get great amounts of extra play money. This money is called “bonus money”. Online casinos usually offer you a first deposit bonus ranging from 100% to 400%. The average casino will give you a 100% to 200% first deposit bonus. We recommend that you choose a casino that offers a maximum bonus of 200%, as a higher welcome bonus will result in higher wagering requirements.

* Wagering requirements: you must play your bonus money and / or deposit money a certain number of times before you can withdraw or cash out your winnings.

Use a first deposit bonus if it meets the following criteria:

  • The required stake is less than 35x
  • Only use first deposit bonuses when wagering on the bonus amount (not the deposit amount)
  • Claim the first deposit bonus when the bonus money can be used on all available games.
  • Check if there is a maximum withdrawal when using a casino bonus. Only use the bonus when there is no maximum withdrawal amount.
  • The bonus percentage is 100% or more.

Do not use a first deposit bonus if:

  • You don’t want to bet money
  • You want to keep control of your earnings. When using a first deposit bonus, you need to wager money and you cannot get your winnings until you have reached the wagering requirements.
  • The stake is more than 35 times the amount of the bonus and / or the deposit
  • The casino has a maximum payout amount on bonuses
  • You cannot use the money on all games offered by the casino

Free spins bonus on first real money deposit

More and more online casinos are offering a number of free spins to their new players as a reward for their first deposit. Some online casinos offer 300 free spins with a real money first deposit. Generally, you will receive your free spins when you make a minimum deposit of $ 20 or more. In the majority of online casinos, your free spins will be spread over several days.

Casinos have wagering requirements for free spins. If you win money from your free spins, you need to wager that money a certain number of times before you can withdraw your winnings. This could complicate matters when you win big with your free spins. This is because higher winnings mean that your bet is also higher, and it is then more difficult to respect the wagering conditions.

Should you use a casino free spins bonus or not?

We recommend that you use the free spins obtained with the deposit when:

  • You are new to online gambling. Free spins allow you to play free games and win money.
  • You are ready to play in a casino for longer with low stakes; in this case, you can use the bonus.
  • You decide to make a first deposit which is not very high ($ 20 to $ 50). A low deposit is attractive, as the amount of stakes will be low. Plus, the free spins are worth the money. So when you make a low deposit, it is worth collecting the free spins (extra money).
  • Bets on free spins are less than 50 times the winnings.

Do not use free spins on deposit if …

  • You don’t want to bet money.
  • You want to have full control of your earnings and payments.
  • You don’t want to come back to the casino to claim your daily free spins.
  • The stake is more than 50 times the amount of the winnings.

Reload bonus (top up your casino balance with deposits and bonus money)

The last interesting bonus of online casinos is the reload bonus. The reload bonus is offered to existing players of an online casino. First up is the welcome bonus, which you choose to use or not. Once you are a casino member, you will receive casino reload bonuses. Most casinos offer to reload bonuses several times a week. With a reload bonus, you can “top up” your casino balance with an additional amount of money on top of your deposit amount.

The average casino gives you reload bonuses of up to 50%, and the stakes on reload bonuses are usually the same as those offered for welcome bonuses. You are always able to decline a reload bonus when making a deposit at an online casino. If you prefer, you can also select and activate the bonus available when you make your deposit.

Personally, I never use reload bonuses, as I prefer to have complete control of my money and winnings. When I win big, I want to be able to withdraw those winnings whenever I want.

Some reasons to use a reload bonus at an online casino:

  • You have the opportunity to collect extra money to play more games.
  • You will have a higher chance of getting a big win on a Video Slot.
  • When the reload bonus wager is less than 35 times the bonus amount.
  • Claim the reload bonus when you insist on staying at the casino for a long time.

Do not claim the reload bonus for the following reasons:

  • When you want to be in control of your money. Playing without a reload bonus does not require any wagering.
  • If you intend to register at a casino for a quick win.
  • If you want to be able to withdraw your money at any time.

Refund bonus

A few online casinos offer their players a cashback bonus. A cashback bonus is a bonus that you earn when playing at an online casino.

The more you play, the greater your payout amount won. These cashback bonuses are one way to keep you interested in playing at this casino. Each game you play earns you a certain amount of cashback. At the end of the week or the start of the next, you receive your refund or you can claim it. Normally this rebate is a percentage of the amount of money you have played at the casino during a specified period of time. If you play more money, you get a bigger refund. Some casinos give you up to 25% cashback every week. You can easily earn up to $ 25 cashback when you play $ 100 at these online casinos.

Some reasons why you should use cashback bonuses

  • Refunds are free money
  • You don’t have to make a deposit to claim your refund
  • There is no stake required for reimbursement or only a very low stake
  • This is the ultimate bonus for loyal players, in addition to being a free chance to play additional games every week.

Reasons why you should decline cashback bonuses:

  • Reject a bonus when wagering requirements are greater than 50x

In fact, there is no other reason why you should decline a cashback bonus.

Online casino Bonus

Here’s how to collect a bonus when you want to use it:

Hope our information has helped you a bit with your decision-making. If you decide to use a casino bonus, you need to take the following steps to collect your bonuses:

  • Choose a casino and a bonus on our website
  • Click on the casino link
  • We open the casino page for you
  • Create a free account, and during this time, we activate the bonuses that are offered to you
  • Log into your new account
  • Start playing when you receive a no deposit bonus
  • Make a real money deposit when you want to get your first deposit bonus
  • Start playing casino games after making your deposit

My personal opinion on whether or not to use a casino bonus

As a regular player, I never use bonuses that come with wagering requirements. Often times I manage to get a few pretty big wins when I start playing at an online casino. Without wagering (without using a bonus) I can withdraw these winnings directly and stop playing for a while. When using a bonus, I had to wager the bonus amount first before I could withdraw my money. In addition, in some casinos, it can be very difficult to meet the wagering requirements, as they have unrealistic wagering requirements. Some casinos have wagering requirements of 50 times or more. Other casinos have both deposit and bonus wagering requirements. These requirements are almost impossible to achieve.

When I get a no-bet promotion offer I always use it because it is a free chance to make money. And when I sign up at a new casino with a no deposit bonus, I always collect that bonus. This is an opportunity for me to try some games for free.

While I personally do not use the welcome bonuses offered, I recommend new players to use them, as it gives them more time (and therefore, more money) to play at the chosen casino.

Try a number of casino games with $ 10 free play money. Create a free account and play $ 10 for free (no deposit required).

Frequently Asked Questions About Casino Bonuses

Why does an online casino offer a casino bonus?

A casino bonus is a great way to attract new players. With this bonus, the casino tries to convince new players to join their casino rather than another. Online casinos can create their own bonuses and be very creative. Additionally, we can see that players visiting our site enjoy receiving exclusive bonuses and packages.

Is it safe to use a casino bonus?

When you choose a trusted online casino on our website, it is safe for you to use a casino bonus there. There are some online casinos where you had better avoid bonuses, so you should really avoid these casinos. Some casinos give you huge welcome bonuses, but then you cannot withdraw your winnings because you have to wager your bonus money 50-99 times. You can put all your efforts into it, but it is almost impossible to get your hands on your bonus money when you need to play 50-99 times your bonus and deposit amount. We recommend that you try a reliable online casino found on our site, as it will offer you fair bonus terms.

Where can I find the best bonuses?

You will find the best casino bonuses on our website. We have exclusive agreements with all the casinos on our site. In collaboration with these casinos, we set up attractive bonuses whose bonus conditions are fair to all visitors to our site. You just need to choose a casino from our site and we will give you the best possible bonus for that casino.

Should I use a casino bonus or not?

If you are a new player and want to try out a few casinos, you recommend using a casino bonus. If you are a regular player, we recommend that you play in casinos without using any casino bonuses instead.

What is the best possible bonus at an online casino?

In my opinion, the best bonus is one that comes with fair bonus terms. The best bonuses have a wagering requirement of up to 35 times the bonus amount, and they are not limited by a maximum withdrawal amount in their terms. Personally, I prefer no deposit bonuses or interesting first deposit bonuses.

How can I collect a bonus at an online casino?

You can collect a bonus when you create a free account at an online casino. I recommend you to access the casino through a link on our site, as we activate the best bonus for you. Once you have registered, you can select the available bonuses. Make the first deposit if you want to get the first deposit bonus, or start playing games if you use a no deposit bonus.

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