Should We Install Air Purifier Inside Car?

As we sit in a heavy traffic inhaling toxic fumes from others’ cars, we couldn’t help to recall movie scenes about people trying to commit suicide by locking themselves in a closed garage. It doesn’t take long for us to consider whether sitting for hours in traffic would also ruin our health.
In crowded cities, people could spend in excess of one hour to work every day. In fact, studies show that pollution inside a car with closed windows isn’t much different from the outside pollution. It means that in-car pollution poses a significant threat to our health. In many cases, prolonged exposure to air-pollution could progressively affect our health. The toxic soup of air pollution inside our car may include:
Should We Install Air Purifier Inside Car
Carbon monoxide, which prevents blood from transporting enough oxygen.
Benzene, a powerful carcinogen.
Particulate matters that may increase death rate.
Plastic outgassing. Interior material made from plastic could emit trace amount of harmful gas when exposed to sunlight and heat.
In essence, it’s clear that car isn’t an isolated environment, because occupants need to breathe and some amount of air from the outside will be brought in through various holes.
There are a number of solutions to this problem.
Since much the air is replenished through the ventilation system, it makes sense to install a purification system. It can be based on
Zeolite, a natural and affordable volcanic stone that absorbs, fumes, chemicals and gasses.
Active carbon, which is effective for pollution smoke and odors
UV light that can eradicate viruses, bacteria and germs
Ionic, an affordable solution, although too effective in some cases
Many air purifiers in cars are based on a couple or more technologies, some can be more effective than the other. As an example, in areas where dangerous gasses are available in significant quantity, it’s a good idea to choose purifiers based on Zeolite. By installing air purifiers, we can be sure that our families will be protected from harmful contaminants that can result in dangerous diseases, such as lung cancer and irritation of respiratory systems.
Air purifiers are produced by different manufacturers; one can be more expensive than another. One model could have only a few layers of simple filters, while the other could have more complex designs. In general, air produced should be much cleaner than what we get when we stand next to a road with heavy traffic.
Even the best air purifiers may not be able to cleanse the interior of our car completely, but we can feel much safer because we will be less threatened by possible health issues. If possible, check whether the product is registered by the local trade organization or related agencies.
Car owners should immediately go the nearest car accessories shops to get products that can help them purify air that goes inside the interior of the car. Some may argue that putting some bags of active carbon is sufficient, but such a product would only remove bad odors, not harmful gasses and contaminants.
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