Should You Have A YouTube Account For Your Business?

Many companies have not yet set up an account with YouTube for their web based companies and this can be missed opportunity. If you have been thinking about setting up an account for your business but have not done so yet you may want to get on it as quickly as possible.  This video sharing website is a free marketing platform that lets you post videos of your products or services so new customers know what you are offering.

Consider this, if you were offered the chance to make a free commercial that would be shown on television, would you think twice about it?  You are actually given the opportunity to do just that on YouTube only you are the one who makes the videos and posts on them on the site.

Below are some reasons why your company should have a YouTube account immediately.

Generates New Business

No company ever said they don’t need a way to generate more business or that they have enough traffic on their website. No matter how well you may be doing, you can always do better through productive advertising techniques. This is also a great forum for launching new products, creating a buzz about a certain product line or just advertising your brand so it is more known.
By uploading videos, you can do all of this if you are smart about the videos you post. Consider the commercial mentioned above, you wouldn’t want to watch a commercial that is too long so make sure you consider this when posting your videos for your business.

Boost Your Customer Service Efforts

You can also use YouTube as a way to offer better customer service to those who may need it.  It is also important to get more views on your videos so that you can improve your SEO ranking. The more views that you have on your videos, the higher your page ranking will go on Google. While many companies buy youtube likes and views, you can also obtain them through your customer service efforts.
Try posting how to videos that help people set up your product or that troubleshoot known issues. Not every product is going to break or be set up when your customer service department is open. This is a great way to generate views on your videos.

Q&A Sessions are Awesome

You can ask your viewers to send in their questions and then you can make videos of you answering their questions.  Many famous people use this tactic to get more views on their own videos and it works extremely well. You can do this once a week or month to keep your viewers in the loop. If you so choose, you can also have them send in a video with their question and you can answer back in your own video. The main thing is to have some fun while showing of your products, business and brand!
So, does your company need a YouTube account?  You bet it does for the benefits listed above and many more.

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