Should You Rent A Heater For Your Worksite?

With the winter season in full swing, extra measures need to be taken to ensure full productivity at any work site. After all, work doesn’t stop during the winter season just because of a little cold. People need to meet deadlines, and construction projects still need to continue.

Having a source of heat is an important part of keeping people functioning and productive, even as the temperatures drop. Without a heat source or a heater consequences of the cold temperature, like stiff fingers and shivering, will stop any sort of progress. These challenges would only delay the schedule and keep you from delivering.

Renting a Heater for Your Worksite

With the challenges posed by the environment during the cold months, it’s clear that you should be renting a heater for your worksite. Choosing to save up on this rental can lead to more costs, such as delaying the whole project and endangering the health of your workers.

There are different types of heater equipment you can rent for your worksite.

Kerosene Heaters work well in the outdoors. They can take fuel in the form of either kerosene or diesel, making them convenient to operate and maintain. Kerosene heaters tend to be smaller and less bulky than propane heaters. They can be transported more easily around a job site depending on the need.

Propane Heaters can circulate warm air around a certain radius of area. This works in an open space and also in enclosed spaces. Propane heaters use cylinders filled with natural gas. Since the heater uses natural gas, there can be higher risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if there is no proper ventilation. They are also larger than kerosene heaters, so they are best for stationary use.

Indirect Fired Heaters are also popularly used in worksites. They provide clean and dry heated air without combustion byproducts and moisture. They can be fueled using propane, natural gas, or diesel. Since this heater provides dry heat, it is ideal for environments that are sensitive to moisture.

Electric Heaters provide clean dry heat. They are best in situations when gas heaters are not allowed within a property or worksite. Like indirect fired heaters, they provide dry heat without moisture.

Should You Rent A Heater For Your Worksite?

How to Choose the Ideal Heating Equipment

Choosing the type of heater equipment depends on the size and scale of your work site, the physical location and parameters, duration, and need for transportation.

Consult a trusted professional rental equipment company to find out which type of heating equipment works best for your worksite. The right type of heater can ensure your workers’ safety and productivity, as well as optimize costs when it comes to renting.

A trusted rental equipment company can also provide you with necessary technical and safety tips when using the heater. With all of these benefits in mind, you should definitely rent a heater for your worksite. Contact a rental equipment company today!

Written by Lindsey Rentals. Lindsey Rentals offers the best equipment rentals in Columbia, MO.

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