Simple Ways To Stay Healthy When Working An Office Job

Simple Ways To Stay Healthy When Working An Office Job

Staying healthy when working an office job can be difficult, so there are a few things that you can do to be conscious of your health. Something as simple as drinking more water or taking the stairs can have a big impact. Sitting down all day every day can be dangerous for many reasons, so making an effort to add a few things into your routine will definitely be worth it in the long run! 

Stay Active Over Lunch

One simple thing you can do, and perhaps the most important, is to stay active over lunch. Rather than staying at your desk for all of lunch, after you have eaten, get up and have a walk around. You could head to a local park or simply do a quick walk. You will get some fresh air, stretch your legs and also get your blood flowing. 

During the rest of the day, try to get up every hour and make a drink or go to the toilet, just to get your body moving. If you’re waiting for something to load, give your legs a quick stretch. If you are taking a phone call on your mobile, consider taking it outside and having a walk around. Take any opportunity you can to get up and move. Get creative and you will soon realise plenty of different ways that you can stay active! 

Be Considerate of Your Diet

When you are in the office surrounded by sweet treats, it can be tempting to snack on them all day. However, when you aren’t very active during the day, you should be slightly more considerate of your diet. At the beginning of the week, spend a few hours bulk making your lunches for the week, so you know you have healthy and delicious lunch options on hand. 

Apart from the main part of your lunch, like a sandwich or pasta, you should also pack plenty of healthy snacks. Fruit, yoghurt, crackers, popcorn, raw veg and hummus, nuts and granola are all great options, so taking a couple of snacks for the morning and afternoon will help to keep you on track. You could also keep particular vitamins on hand so you know you are consuming what your body needs, like multivitamins, or particular nutrients like vitamin D3 supplements if you know you struggle to consume enough. If you eat lots of sugary or fatty foods throughout the day, your body won’t have much of a chance to burn it off, so just try to be slightly more considerate and you can keep your body as healthy as possible. 

Another good trick when it comes to your diet is to make sure you eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast. If you go to work with a full stomach, you will be less likely to snack. You are also likely to find that you have more energy throughout the day when you have a good breakfast, which will help with your productivity. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Another thing you should do to keep your body healthy when working an office job is to drink plenty of water. Firstly, staying hydrated helps to keep you alert, so you are likely to be more focused on your work throughout the day. You will also find you feel more full, so you are less likely to reach for the unhealthy snacks. Water can also help to decrease stress levels and improve mood, so the benefits are endless, especially for office workers. 

If you aren’t a huge fan of water, there are a few things you can do to make it taste better. Try adding lemon, lime, orange, cucumber, berries or mint to your drink. Give a few different combinations a try and eventually you will find something that you really enjoy! Another good tip is to freeze some of these ingredients before adding to your water. Not only is this more cost effective, as less fruit will get wasted by going out of date, but it will also make sure that your water stays nice and cold throughout the day. 

Take The Stairs

Our final simple tip is to take the stairs rather than an elevator. This is especially important for office workers, as that extra bit of exercise could make a big difference over time when it comes to your health. Taking the stairs rather than the elevator uses about 7 times more energy, so it is testing your body slightly, helping to improve your cardiovascular health and muscular endurance, especially if you take the stairs a few times a day. 

This is such a simple change that can help to improve your fitness and health, as well as being a quicker option often than slow elevators! If you work on a very high floor in a building, go in the elevator to begin with, choose a floor 3-4 lower than the office and get out there, so you can walk the rest. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! A few simple ways to help you stay healthy when you’re working an office job. Start incorporating these things into your routine and it will soon become second nature, helping you to stay happier and healthier.

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