Skytech TK110HW Foldable RC Quadcopter - RTF

Skytech TK110HW Foldable RC Quadcopter – RTF

Today we are looking at the Skytech TK110HW which really is a completely new folding Wi-Fi FPV quadcopter that has a 0.3 MP camera, elevation hold, g-sensor mode, flips, headless, along with hand launching.

There appears to be a method going in with moveable folding RC quadcopters simply because is demonstrated simply by the fame of the Zerotech Dobby selfie drone along with other lesser folding drones just like the SY X31 which incidentally is furthermore an excellent tiny quadcopter.

The look of the Skytech TK110HW is falling correct based on the before mentioned quadcopters and folds to a compacted size hook under 6 x 6 inches. One exciting style choice is certainly that the prop arms usually do not make the customary X form however instead leading arms swing out somewhat significantly less than the back which reminds me of a frog.

One additional design take note is that gratefully though it usages geared propellers they’ve done a decent work of defensive them with plastic material covers toward prevent debris.

For the camera you have a Wi-Fi FPV camera astride to leading that attaches to your mobile phone via plus app wherever it streams plus information video. Latency on the video will probably probable be anyplace from 1-2 seconds along with actual recorded video is certainly going toward be 640 x 480 and average video quality.

The camera will not look fixed set up from the merchandise photographs so there may be the option that the camera has an adaptable angle which is enjoyable if you would like to take it up higher.

Height keep is what creates the Wi-Fi FPV really functioning since it permits you to not need to spotlight regulating throttle which is strong more than a video delay of 1-2 seconds.

In increasing streaming video toward your phone you’re moreover competent to control it totally from the app which again because you have height hold is actually pretty good. It comes by a few extra modes, the initial being G-sensor style which enables you to tilt your cellular phone and the RC quadcopter will observe the similar direction.

The next mode is way point mode which enables you to draw on your screen to regulate the direction of the quadcopter, that is really super fun to use aswell because they have somewhat similar with the Syma X5UW.

Transmitter sensible it appearances pretty decent, optimum functions are well labeled and the transmitter usages the longer elegance control sticks. It has shoulder switches for flips and speed variations, headless/one key return switches, one key land/takeoff switches, and while it displays camera buttons I suspect those purposes are organized by the app.


Overall I consider the Skytech TK110HW is a pretty good looking quadcopter as well as has a decent set of features. The WiFi FPV united with height hold let you stream close toward live video for a price much cheaper than customary FPV and it just appearances like a general decent flyer so far.

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