Small Apartment Design in Rookie Ways for Chic

Small apartment design is becoming the latest hot issue. Therefore, there are some rookie tips that we want to share for girls. So that’s why we will give you three main focus things for a cooler small apartment design. However, we want to give these tips for girls that starting a new independent life in a new place. At this point, we know for sure that as girls, we usually choose the apartment as their new place. The designs that usually you can choose sometimes makes you feel boring, right? So it makes you want to apply your own design, right?

Chic style small apartment design is going to rock your new life. However, chic style apartment design as one of cute apartment design will need more attention and crucial angles that you have to think about before you start to rebuild your own chic style apartment. There are three main focuses, color choices, making a hidden storage reduce space of using, and doing a little trick in setting your furniture.

Tips in making a simple chic small apartment design

The #1 tip from chic style apartment design is choosing colors for your small apartment. Well, if we are talking about the right colors for our fresh apartment, I will suggest you to ask yourself first, what kind of colors that you want to apply on your wall. It sounds bit personal, but it is true that it must be a peculiar question. Remember, our main goal is making your small apartment design rock your new life and make yourself comfortable to live in. So, yes, darling, we have to start with something private to choose your favorite colors.

Since apartment furniture era coming up again to color our days, why don’t you start with retro colors? Well, I believe that these colors are going to represent you some chic style inner for your small apartment design ideas. You don’t need to pick one of those colors, but you can do a little mix and match with these colors. Of course, you can choose one color for each side of your rooms; combine it as in stripe design wall painting or even with furniture color. Girls, whatever you choose, the colors that you pick by your own self will be beautiful colors, no matter what. So be brave, girls!

Another important thing in choosing color is you have to match it with your floor color. You don’t want to make a big mistake and you find out your small apartment design in a horrible match, right? So do it. Think and choose what kind of floors that you have. For example, your apartment floor is the wooden floors, so when you already pick one your favorite color, let’s say turquoise color, and choose the light brown color as your wood floor. Matching two light colors is the smart idea for your small apartment decorating. The light hazelnut color of the wood floor brings the homey and comfortable bright nuance in your apartment exquisitely.

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