Small Change Can Bring Wonders To Your Life!

We wish to lose weight but always fail. Ever wonder why, because of the small things around us. Make those small changes and you will be losing weight. ‘Seeing is believing’ so let’s start now:

• Change the colour of your plates. Make them blue, plates that are yellow and red attracts us, making us eat more. Remember McDonalds!

• If you are a non-vegetarian, start having egg in your breakfast. You will start losing inches from your waist and the body fat too.

• Eat with a larger spoon or fork. Eating with a larger spoon or fork and from a smaller plate combined will give you a feeling of eating enough for the day.

• You know you tend to eat 40 percent more while watching TV or working on computer. Avoid that.

• According to a research, it is a better idea to fill your plate once and not go for the second serving. People who tend to do so eat 14 percent less than the people who take less in first serving and look forward to going for second helping.

• Skip the mayo, sauces and you save yourself from gaining 100 calories in a day.

• Slim down your coffee. Add as less sugar as you can.

• Add fruits and vegetables to your diet. Don’t just cut down your diet add food and fruits that keep you fuller for longer.

• When trying to reduce weight don’t try to make the changes all of a sudden. Go slow and steady.

• When in stress, you tend to gain wait on your hips, thighs and abs. All thanks to the cortisol the stress hormone that clings to the fat. Therefore, when in stress, close your eyes take deep breaths for about 10 minutes and tell yourself to relax.

• Do portion control. Have a light lunch that will help you shave off at least 2 pounds in a month.

Small Change Can Bring Wonders To Your Life!

• Your body is your best guide. Understand what your body wants and have it when required. Don’t overdo.

• Add fat and protein to your diet you will feel fuller for a long time as it will take time to digest.

• Eat where you are supposed to eat like the dinner table. Do not eat on bed. This helps you eat 27 percent less.

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