Smart Gifts For Your Child

Smart Gifts For Your Child

“Presents are made for the pleasure of who gives them, not the merits of who receives them.”

–          Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Shadow of the Wind

So, what anything else could give you more pleasure and fulfilment than offering a present to a child? The happiness from his eyes deserves all the money in the world. Now, of course we have to think on the other side, the presents should also have an educational purpose or to be constructively in the way of using his spare time. Nowadays buying a gift or even making a party could be very tricky, and you have to be very careful from where you are buying the party supplies as they are playing an important role in the success of your child happiness. For example, you don’t want to buy a toy or a puzzle which is made with all kind of chemical substances, which can harmful your offspring health. So, always be sure that you are buying from an authorized supplier which has all the licenses in manufacturing them.

Never the less, let’s go for some good ideas for a perfect and healthy gift.

Board games: this present is one of the best in my opinion, as your offspring will discover an entire new world out there in that box and his imagination will be going entirely free. More than that, he will learn to play in a team with others and, if you don’t want a noisy party, this activity should keep them at least at a sitting down phase. Of course, depending on his age, out there are all kind of games from where you can choose, but be sure that you buy one which incorporates fun, imagination, socialization (the last one should have an important role, because, when they are young, learning to be part of a team will help them further in life).

Sports gifts: even if it is a boy or it is a girl, both of them should have physical activities as part of their daily schedule. Don’t ever postpone a physical activity with your child as nowadays with all the PC games they are really tough to be shifted to doing sport. At this section, I think you have unlimited possibilities – from football accessories, to skating, biking, tennis, table tennis, swimming, fishing. Be sure that anything you choose as a sport article, when you offering that to your child, to sound like is the most interesting present in the world and more than that play with them with enthusiasm so they can realize that doing that is not an obligation but rather a passion. Doing a sport when they are young is more simply and they assimilate it much faster than they are going to be adults and of course they will grow up healthier and will be mentally stronger.

Smart Gifts For Your Child

Books: This one as simply it can look as harder can be in choosing the right one. Be sure that the book provided is for his age and he can understand and more important try to give him an interesting and fascinating preview of the book first so he can be excited when he open it. They will discover a new world between the covers and there is no other thing as leverage the imaginations as reading a book. More than that, reading is having a lot of benefits like: educational knowledge develops his verbal abilities, improve his memory, improve his focus and concentration and not the last one for entertainment.

Animal adoption – for sure they will love a small dog, cat, or an aquarium. For sure you will see lights in his eyes when they will see the present because simply they love them and of course little animal’s love child as well – I think that’s because they have a good heart than us – adults. Beside the therapeutically benefits of having a small cat or a small dog you will learn your child about responsibilities which are needed in order to having care of.

Plants and trees – of course, buying a flower for a boy it’s not fancy at all, even you can offense him with that (laughing). What I’m trying to say at this section is that this gift can be very educational as you learn him how a plant or a tree grow which are the factors that they need to grow and of course the benefits a plant is giving us back. Try to plant with your child a tree in the garden, an apple for example – he will surely be thankful to you later.

As a big picture, when buying a gift for a child you should first think at the meaning of the gift and the benefits that could be added to his life not only as something that he thinks he needs. Nowadays, children tend to want the same think that other colleagues of him are having. So, try to be intuitive and choose the right gift.


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