Some Biggest Mistakes That Renters Make

Moving into a rented apartment can many a times be a very hasty decision. Office transfer, personal reasons, political reasons, etc. whatever the reason maybe we often don’t pay good attention when we rent a place. This is one of the reasons why many of us make huge mistakes, or even blunders while renting a place. Ranging from mistakes like not having your own rent agreement sample to not conducting a good research there are many mistake one makes. Here is a list of 10 biggest mistakes that are most commonly made by the renters. These are written about so we are aware of these mistakes and avoid making them.

Some Biggest Mistakes That Renters Make

  • Budget your expenses:

Before you sign the lease, I hope you have taken a good look around the house, now that you know what all you will have to do to make that house you home budget all your expenses well.

  • Not reading the lease carefully:

No matter how difficult it is to find a good house or how quickly you want the house do not sign the lease without reading it carefully. If you think there is a mistake, even if it is a printing mistake voice it out. It is always a good idea to have an experience family member or a lawyer with you when you sign the lease.

  • If you don’t agree, don’t sign:

If you like being the host of many parties or if you have pets and you agreement it keeping you from it, don’t sign it. The idea of sneaking in a pet or your friends is very silly. It won’t work.

  • Check the details:

In excitement or hurry, don’t forget to check the details. Is the electricity and water working? Are there any leaking taps? Broken windows? Be very careful with that you decide.

  • research on your own:

Conduct a little research of your own, check as many apartments as you can that fit in your price range. Have a good research about the landlord too.

  • know the neighbourhood:

It will be really good if you knock on a few neighbours door and ask them about the area and the house you will be staying in. you can also pay a visit to the local police department. Don’t trust every word the neighbours say, even if it means that you will have to come and secret visit the area at night.

  • paying a lot than you should:

House hunting at mid-year is a good idea as not many are looking for houses then. Meeting the landlord and signing the longest time of lease you can afford would be a good idea. The landlords give discounts to long term tenants.

  • have renters insurance:

Yes, the house is insured by the landlord, but not your personal belongings. So if tomorrow there happens to be something unfortunate where your personal belongings are damaged, you will land up in a huge trouble. Make the renters insurance your priority ones you sign the lease.

  • take pictures when you move in:

By that, I mean take pictures of the house. The landlord has to [ay for all the major repairs, but make sure to get this in writing from the landlord. So if the landlord doesn’t have a list of things he has to repair make sure you do and having the pictures along with it is a better idea.

  • Stop the land lord at his first mistake:

The most common things that the landlords do is that they consider the tenants don’t have any knowledge about the law so the landlord my try to escape from some repairs or even break some rule. Stop him right there. Make hi aware that if he doesn’t follow the lease, you will drag him to court.

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