Some Of The Best iPhone Accessories: iPhone 6/ 6 Plus

Even though the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been released for a while now, there are still a lot of accessories that are worth purchasing and some that even work on older models. With this collection of iPhone accessories, your device will have everything it needs for you to get the most out of its smartphone functions.

Some Of The Best iPhone Accessories: iPhone 6/ 6 Plus

1. Olloclips 4-in-1 Lens: This is for the iPhone 6/6 Plus and it allows you to shoot wide-angle and macro shots with your iPhone. It comes with 3 coloured plastic clips and a lanyard so you don’t lose the little lenses. The lenses work both the front and the rear cameras on your iPhone make it convenient for you to snap shots whenever, wherever.

2. Two-Metre long lightning cable: This extra long cord makes using your phone in bed a lot easier or even across the room while it’s charging.

3. The mPact Glass Screen Protector: This accessory will make sure your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus doesn’t get scratched. It’s a heavy-duty screen protector that fits perfectly onto your phone’s screen without any bubbles and with space along the edges so you can easily put a case on your phone.

4. PhotoFast’s i-Flash Drive HD: This drive makes it easy for you to transfer files beween your iPhone and PC. It’s a more convenient way to share your music, files and videos with other people. You can select files to load on to the drive via the app and plug the drive into your computer or iPhone and transfer them directly to the device.

5. The Nest Earbud Case: No more tangled cords. This case gives you a clean and easy way to wrap your earbuds up without getting them tangled at the bottom of your bag.

6. Eyefi Mobi Pro SD Card: This accessory lets you quickly snap photos from your camera and straight to your iPhone. The Pro version adds some extra functions.

7. Twelve South Plug Bug: The USB attaches to and converts any MacBook power adaptor into a dual charger. This allows your charger to work in most countries and makes travelling abroad that much easier.

8. WiFi Plant Sensor: For those of us without green fingers, you can stick this device in your plant pot and connect it to WiFi and your iPhone and you’ll be fed everything you need to know on how to keep your plant alive. It even alerts you when you’ve over watered. You no longer have to worry about killing your plants.

While your phone does plenty of cool things as-is, you can add these accessories and attachments to get the most out of your new iPhone. Upgrade your life with these easy but useful accessories.

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