Spend An Unforgettable Day Touring Real Madrid Stadium

If you ever visit Madrid and are a big football fan, then you absolutely must visit Estadio Santiago Bernabéu as part of your vacation. If you don’t have the chance, money or time to see a live match, you at least need to tour the stadium. You will be so happy that you did. It is definitely one of the world’s finest football stadiums. For information and the best deals visit a site such as http://www.spanishkicks.com/spanish-football-tickets/real-madrid-tickets/


For adults the price of the tour is €19. For children younger than 14 years old the cost is €14. It is a small price to pay for the opportunity to wander about the stadium, to take in all of the historical moments present in their Trophy rooms, or dream for a few moments of playing in the Champions League Final while lingering in the changing room. Fan club members get discounts applied to their entrance fee.

Year Around Enjoyment

The stadium tour is offered all year round. Their hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm. There are also reduced hours available on Sundays. On match days you obviously might have trouble gaining access to their changing rooms close to kick off time. When my wife heard about this, she was disappointed. I overheard her muttering about wanting to get to see Cristiano Ronaldo’s pecs.
Did she really say that? However, don’t let limited access deter you from enjoying your stadium tour if there happens to be an upcoming match. Basically, visitors on the tour are given the freedom to wander the stadium and go where ever they want to go. One must-see is their interactive Trophy Room. There are many exhibitions available for viewing. They include a tribute to Alfredo di Stefano, the legendary star, along with a detailed club history that is very informative.
You can wander around the pitch as well as up into the highest reaches of the stadium. These are great places to take some stunning photographs. If you have any Madrid coaching ambitions, you an sit on the benches inside the technical area and perform your best Carlo Ancelotti or José Mourinho impression. When you come through the players’ tunnel, the feeling you have is incredible as you catch a glimpse of the playing area for the first time.
You will remember that special moment forever. Every time you watch a Real match playing in Bernabéu from now on you will say to yourself, “I was right there.” Also make sure to tour the press rooms. You can even engage in some role play with your friends and interview them as if you were a real journalist. Your last stop on the tour will no doubt be the club shop where you can get a few nice mementos to remember those few special hours you got to spend at one of the world’s finest football clubs.

We had an incredible time when we did the stadium tour.

So what do football fans who get a chance to visit the Bernabéu really think about the tour? Here are a few reviews for you to read: “I am a huge fan of both Madrid and soccer. I can definitely say that the tour and stadium are both truly amazing. They have a very nicely arranged trophy room that really gives you a great sense of the club’s history. It is a very cool room.
A friend of mine went with me who really isn’t a big soccer fan. He still really had a great time. We only had a short stay in Madrid, and the tour of the stadium was the highlight of our visit.” “The stadium tour is a must-see. Even if Real Madrid isn’t your favourite team. Once you are inside the museum, you will begin to feel a great sense of soccer history from every part of the tour.
Go take a tour. It is something that you definitely will not regret!” “Our time in Madrid was amazing.” Our tour of the Bernabéu made our visit even more special. We were provided with the most breathtaking views while wandering around the stadium. The tour was so enjoyable. We were able to see everything we wanted to at the Stadium.” Once your stadium tour is over, be sure to visit some of Madrid’s other amazing venues:

The Prado Museum

One of the world’s largest collections of sculpture and art are housed in this museum, including paintings from such famous artists as Rubens, Picasso, El Greco, Goya and Tintoretto. Tickets are reasonably priced at only €14. The Prado is accessible even to those on a tight budget. Usually during the last few hours each day, entrance is free.

Retiro Park

Referred to as lungs of Madrid, this gorgeous park is located near the Prado. They could be both visited on the same day. The 320 acre park includes beautiful gardens for strolling in, lakes with boating, as well as fully enclosed Museums and Palaces. As you walk around, you will always see lots going on around you- there are plenty of stalls, local musicians playing and plenty of other things to do and see.
My favorite park feature was Museo del Ejército. The museum commemorates a lot of the military history of Spain. Fans of the classic movie El Cid with Charlton Heston may want to be aware that the sword owned by the real El Cid is on display at the museum.

Madrid’s Royal Palace

It is very much worth visiting this beautiful rococo Palace. It is enormous, having more than 2,000 lavishly decorated rooms. Luxury oozes from a bygone era. When you do visit, be sure to bring your passport. The €10 is free in winter from 3-6 pm and in summer from 6-8 pm if you are from the EU.

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