Stay Color Fit

Stay Color Fit

Inactivity ruins everything and no one surely wants that with their creativity at least. Else you will end up ruining your surroundings. Don’t believe it? Imagine the entering into your home or your bedroom with your friends and seeing mismatched forms, textures and colors just because you didn’t the right sense of décor the other day.

Hence, to avoid such embarrassing situation or yourself being uncomfortable in your own personal space, make sure you keep yourself updated with the ongoing trends and tricks of décor.

The best part is you don’t need to fetch out extra time for doing this, simple surf the internet while on your way to work, check out some appealing paint color schemes before going to bed for a good nights’ sleep, wake up fresh with some nice journals and magazines you have subscribed to or simply observe the houses walking down your lane and note details in whichever environment you are in.

Hence, stay active and updated with the way décor industry is moving these days. Following are some of the interesting decors ideas I found:

  1. Mood – Calm

Color surely has power to make you feel good and even heal your inner self and spirit by making you feel reborn emerging into a new environment. This impact could be easily achieved by using soothing shades of calm water (blue). It transcends you to a Zen state of mind where you are relaxed and comfortable. Yet another shade could be a mix of soft cream and a touch of red which makes blush pink or an even lighter shade. Or try out two shades of grey – one slightly darker than the other to create a serene atmosphere. A delicate shade of yellow is another option which is very healing and interesting and reminds us of sunrise. Or even beige with pops of burnt orange looks awesome in a bedroom. Lavender and mint green are also individually good for the creating this mood in a simple way.

  1. Mood – Active

To create an active mood in a room you should use vibrant colors which excite people. It could be bright shades of your favorite colors like fusia, orange, royal blue, yellow, cherry, red, violet, etc. using these colors in an unconventional yet strategic way makes a space lively and imparts energy. It could be having some fun colors on the focal wall by using a textured or patterned wall paint. They look interesting but need a balancing element in form for purpose.

  1. Mood – Happy

A happy mood is easiest to create in your personal space as you are best judge of which colors make you happy and joyful. Some people feel happy when they have greenery around so using a wall paint in a refreshing and dominant green is a good idea for them; however some others could feel happy in an thought-provoking unusual color scheme like a royal blue and red used together or some others could feel energized and excited in a bright pink and sky-blue shade used in a stimulating way. Hence, if you want to bring in happiness in your color scheme then you must consider the personal choice of the one who has to live in the space.

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