Student Housing Agencies – The Key Benefits

Every student looking to find and secure their ideal student accommodation will have the choice of going it alone or making the necessary arrangements via an agent. These days, the fact that it’s possible to carry out most of the search and reservation processes alike online sees more taking the manual approach than ever before. But at the same time, there are certain benefits and advantages that come with student housing agencies that must be taken into account.

Of course, it’s not to say that it isn’t possible to get a great deal with a solo search, but if looking to find the very best student properties Newcastle has to offer for example, it’s always advisable to seek professional assistance.

Student Housing Agencies – The Key Benefits

Here’s a quick overview of just some of the key benefits to expect when working with a student accommodation agency:

1 – More Choice

First of all, there are thousands of quality landlords and property owners up and down the UK right now who advertise their properties exclusively via agents’ websites. Or in other words, the only way to gain access to their properties is by going to the respective agency and seeing what’s on offer. Now more than ever, there is significantly greater choice of properties for those going through agencies than going it alone. And of course, the larger the selection of properties available, the higher the likelihood of finding a genuinely superior property for the right price.

2 – Verified Properties

Another key benefit of working with an agency is the way in which most decent agencies in operation today insist on vetting and verifying the properties they advertise. This in turn means that there’s already something of a seal of approval on each of the properties on offer, greatly reducing the chance of being lumped with a dud. By contrast, when you go it alone it’s important to carry out your own vetting process which may not be nearly as in-depth and effective as that of the agencies.

3 – Simple Contracts

It’s of course no secret that one of the most important elements of all when it comes to student housing is the contract itself. A document that’s often overlooked and signed without any real thought, the content of the contract can and will determine how successful or otherwise the deal between the two parties will be both short and long-term. Suffice to say, some landlords have a tendency to make their contracts needlessly complicated on in some instances downright unfair. As such, it pays to go through an agency which will not only ensure that all contracts are fair, but also simple enough to be fully understood by the signing parties.

4 – Sensible Deposits

Something else to be very much aware of when getting into student housing for the first time is the way in which deposits can vary from the sublime to the ridiculous. In some instances, landlords instinctively charge outlandish deposits as a means by which to protect their investments from tenants they do not believe to be particularly trustworthy. And of course, all deposits feature quite highly in the contracts of the properties, outlining how, when and why deposits may be withheld in part or in full.

As this is a complex and potentially expensive matter, it’s generally considered wiser to seek the help of an agency when striking up any student accommodation deal. Not only can they help ensure that all terms regarding the deposit are fair, but also the deposit sum itself isn’t over the top.

5 – Cheaper Rents

Last but not least, it’s common for quality student accommodation agencies to negotiate considerably better prices than would be made available to those organising their own accommodation directly. By letting out their rooms and buildings via agencies, the landlords know that the chosen tenants are more likely to be reliable and trustworthy, which in turn motivates them to keep their prices down by way of rent and deposits alike. In fact, many agencies will even add a guarantee to the services they provide – a guarantee of the lowest possible prices with no strings attached.

To work with an agency is to essentially hire a team of professionals to not only do the hard work on your behalf, but to make sure you get the very best deal. The key to success when it comes to finding that perfect student accommodation lies in making every penny stretch as far as it possibly can – something that becomes infinitely simpler with the help of the professionals.

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