Summer is Coming

Summer is Coming

The clocks have gone forward, the days are getting longer and the temperature is shooting up: summer is coming! If you have children that means the pressure is on, not only to make the most of the fine weather but to fill the upcoming expanse of time that is the summer holidays. Ideally you want a list of activities that will keep your kids happy, healthy and stimulated, help you bond as a family, and make memories they’ll look back on fondly in years to come. Not a tall order, surely?

Today, we’re here to help with some ideas for fine summer days both unique and reliable.

Getting Outdoors

The best way to fill a summer day with your kids might be simplest: just get outdoors! Whether you put down a picnic blanket in the garden, go for a walk in the local park or meticulously plan a walk in the countryside that takes in a pre-historic tumulus and three separate protected areas of natural beauty, simply getting outside to spend quality time with children in the good weather is the stuff lifelong memories are made from.

If you want to add more structured activity, you could add a scavenger hunt to the mix. It could be as simple as jotting down a quick list of things for your children to find in the garden, like leaves, flowers or even insects. But if you want to make a day out to remember you could look for something a bit more involved. A Treasure Trails scavenger hunt   has clues to solve, an SMS tip line, and a story to follow with spies, hidden treasure or local history brought to life!

Sports and Exercise

It’s easier to instil healthy habits in your children if they’re also fun, and learning to love exercise is far easier in summer than in the cold, dark and driving rain of winter. Many places offer summer schools for sports for children of different ages – whether it’s a tennis club opening its doors or a football team using a local park there are plenty of options.

Try to make sure you’re finding something your children will enjoy and engage with. Once you’ve looked into what’s available, talk with them about what they’re most interested in. Sending them off into an environment they don’t like with no option or agency could do more harm than good!

Rainy Day Plans

The weather being what it is, some days will inevitably be so rainy you’ll be stuck in the house and it’s worth having plans in store for those days. A new board game, a film to stream, or games like hide and seek are things you can all engage with as a family and continue to make the most of your summer holidays even if it’s coming down in stair rods outside.

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