Take your Time to Know More about the Popular Syrup

Take your Time to Know More about the Popular Syrup

Syrup of yacon is an extract of the tuberous roots from yacon plant. The extract is used as a sweetening agent. It has been used by Incas for many years. People of Peru used the extract for its nutritional value. This syrup has become very popular over the recent years. Today, it is being advertised almost everywhere. It is available in powders and pills.
Take your Time to Know More about the Popular Syrup

Why This Syrup Is Gaining Popularity?

In the contemporary society, any product that helps people shed excessive weight is of great importance. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why this syrup is popular. This syrup contains low sugar content. It has few calories. It tastes like molasses, figs or raisins. By content, it has about 30 to 50 percent fructooligosaccharides or FOS. This is a natural sweetener that the human body cannot break. This sweetener passes through human digestive system without being metabolized. Eventually, the user has reduced calories in the body.

Studies Conducted On This Syrup Reveal The Following Statistics:

ü  73 percent of the women who use this syrup lost weight
ü  14 women who used the syrup lost over five pounds
ü  On average, users lost 2.9 pounds
ü  On average, users circumference on the waist reduced by 1.9 inches
ü  Cumulatively, women lost 153 pounds after using the syrup
ü  68 percent of the users recommended the use of the syrup as a weight loss product
These results were recorded after a study done for four weeks. Participants did not change their exercise habits or diet. These statistics are promising and anyone who wishes to lose excessive body weight will want to try this syrup. However, it is important to know how this syrup works before you start using it.

How It Works?

This syrup works as a pre-biotic. It works by helping in the regulation of bacteria in the intestines. Bacteria in the human intestines play a significant role in impacting digestion and absorption of food in the body. Eventually, this affects the weight of the user. People with the right bacteria in the intestine have better digestion and weight loss is even easier.
In addition, this syrup helps in losing weight by moderating food cravings and insulin. It also helps in suppressing appetite of the user. This ensures that users eat less and lose weight in a natural way. Currently, more studies are being done on this syrup to determine its impact on high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Recent revelations indicate that the syrup has more health benefits. These include helping in the absorption of important minerals in the body such as calcium.
Nevertheless, to enjoy maximum benefits of this syrup it is important that you use a pure product. After realizing that more people are looking for this syrup, manufacturers have come up with different brands. These brands are now flooded in the market. However, not all products are original and of the best quality. As such, before you go shopping take your time to determine which brand is the best for you to purchase.

Here Are Some Of The Factors To Guide You In Doing Your Shopping:

  • Read the label while shopping. Buy a reputable brand
  • Check the ingredients. Avoid a brand with high amount of fillers
  • Avoid purchasing brands that claim to be an alternative for your prescription medications
  • Avoid products that have misspellings or prescriptions that are hard to understand
  • Avoid products that have far-fetched claims

With the right brand, you will enjoy maximum benefits of this syrup. However, if you buy a product with more fillers that the amount of syrup, you will suffer several side effects. These include cramping, flatulence, nausea and diarrhea. Therefore, be careful while doing your shopping. If you have friends who have bought and used it before ask them for help. This way, you will enjoy full benefits of the syrup of yacon.

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