Tata Motors To Launch Two Major Products – A Sub-4 Meter Sedan And A Hatchback

Tata motors, the renowned passenger vehicle manufacturer is again planning to add few more vehicles to its product line up. The company is planning to introduce a brand new Sub-4 Meter Sedan and a Hatchback which will be powered by a turbocharged petrol engine with a capacity of 1.2 liters. These two vehicles are expected to be launched in the market by 2014 in the segment of petrol cars. These upcoming vehicles will be a major introduction by Tata Motors after the manufacture of Aria crossover which was launched in 2010-11.

According to a senior official of the company, these vehicles are defined and designed with respect to the today’s and future customers. He added that these vehicles are designed to deliver top class performance, connectivity, driving dynamics and infotainment. Coded by the name of Falcon 5 and Falcon 4, these vehicles are expected to range from Rs. 4.75 lakh to Rs. 7.5 lakh.

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According to the officials of the company, Tata Motors contributes only 5% sales of the vehicles in the petrol powered vehicles segment. So, the company is looking forward to capitalize the increasing demand for petrol run cars. The cars are expected to be showcased in the Delhi Auto Expo which is to be organized in February 2014. These two brand new cars are expected to be available for sale in the market in mid 2014. According to a senior official, the introduction and launching of these two cars is in accordance with the 2020 product portfolio designed by the company.

The 2020 product portfolio strategy involves the launch of around 20 new vehicles in the market in different segments till 2020, said a senior official. Just after the launch of the Falcons, a compact sedan coded as Kite and a hatchback on X0 platform are about to be launched in 2015. As per the experts, the introduction of new vehicles in the market is essential to slide-in more sales as per the product portfolio designed by the company.

This is all an effort to increase the sales of the company which fell within April to October to 34.84% with a sale of only 1, 28,263 units. Due to reduced sales, the market share of the company recorded a fall of 8.9% in FY14.

The introduction of these two new vehicles in the market will surely bring-in a considerable change in the sales record of the company, a senior official said.

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