Teaching Young Children To Spell – The Easy Way

Teaching young children anything is hard for any parent; especially first time parents. As children progress through the early learning ranks, they are expected to help facilitate their children when it comes to learning quickly and easily.
Teaching Young Children To Spell
For that reason, parents need to be as proactive as possible in order to help their children truly reach their full potential. Here are some ways that parents can fast track their child’s success…

Speak to Teachers and Assistants

When it comes to teaching, there is nobody better to speak to than teachers and teaching assistants; they have huge amounts of experience. Of course take what they say but make sure it has a personal touch added to it.
Children will respond completely differently to their assistants and teachers in comparison to their parents. Something that works for assistant and teachers, might not necessarily work for a parent.

Make it Fun

Early learning should always be fun. There are some parents that are extremely strict when it comes to their children’s learning. Unfortunately, many of these children grow up hating learning, all they want to do, is anything but learning.
If you incorporate the fun side of learning into the child’s routine then they are likely to portray learning in this way for years to come. This is going to do wonders for their motivation.
As an example, make spelling tests seem like games. Instead of a simple black and white piece of paper, why not make this into a colouring game. Give them a range of colouring crayons and get them to spell out the words using as many different colours as possible.
They could even draw a picture to try and describe what the word means. These pictures actually have some significance, as many children remember visuals and then connect that to the word.

Make it Consistent

Spelling doesn’t have to be a formal test that happens once a week. Think of those people that go to the gym and are considered to be fit. They go multiple times a week and train consistently to train their body into shape. The mind is just like a muscle; the more you train it the more likely it is to perform. Instead of a boring trip, why not make it into a spelling game.
Take a pen and paper and see how many things they can spell out correctly; parents could even join in and see how they perform!

Get Reading

Reading is usually a great way to get children to understand spelling. Even if they struggle to read they could read a book with their parent. If it is read extremely slowly they will be able to pick up on how sounds are spelt which will help them considerably.

Utilising Nurseries

The quicker children start interacting, the better chance they have of learning quickly. Consider getting them into a local nursery to facilitate their learning such as Day Nurseries East London; it will give them a head start before they get to school. Many of the skills they learn here will be useful later on in life.
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