Termite Inspection Delray Beach – A Clear Picture Of Termites and What They Can Do

Termite Inspection Delray Beach – A Clear Picture Of Termites and What They Can Do

Termites are small insects, the size of an ant. They also look similar to an ant. Termites, like other beings come in different shapes, sizes and colours. Termite Inspection Delray Beach is the most important part of all the steps in keeping away termites. Because had the inspection not been done, awareness would have been lacking, regarding the extent of termite infestation at the property. Majority of the termites are white in colour. Hence, they are also called white ants. Many have wings, some do not. Termites which are not white are red. The most common termites that we come across are red and white in colour. What really can these small insects do? At the most, bite humans and suck our blood, like ants or mosquitoes? Wrong! Termites are insects that feed on wood, dry leaves, soil and dung. In more general sense, termites feed on plant material which is dead and decomposing. Here is where there is a need to be looked into.

Termites majorly feed on dead plant material, which means that the furniture at homes, floors and building mainframes are all made of wood and these are dead, now that they are not part of the tree or the plants, as they were supposed to be. The first step in putting off termites from living spaces and the property is by inspecting for termites. Identifying termites can be a little stressful, as well as time consuming. There are chances that when a person inexperienced at identifying termites can take ants to be termites. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to know how a termite looks before going forward with identifying them. As mentioned earlier, termites look similar to ants. But, they can easily be distinguished from one another. A major difference is with their antennae. Termites have straight antennae, while ants have elbowed antennae. Another difference is that termites have stubby legs, six in number.

Inspecting For Termites

 If inspecting for termites by oneself at an own property, it should be made sure to have the essential kit ready. These kits are usually available at the nearest departmental stores.

Having the right tool and attire for Termite Inspection Delray Beach is the first and the primary step that needs to be followed. A glove must be worn in addition to an overall that covers most part of the body. It is also essential to have a flat head screwdriver or a simple kitchen knife as a hand tool during the inspection of property. Potential places of infestation must be looked for termites. Dark and damp places where there is furniture or a small article made of wood is a potential place of infestation. Window sills, window frames, basements of houses that have been left abandoned since a long time, wooden post boxes, and garden are also potential places of termite infestation. Having an experienced person come over to the property and inspect for termites is recommended, as it is more of an investment on the home, if the experienced person is being paid for it.

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