The Anatomy Of Great App Marketing

Commonly referred to as SEO for apps, app store optimization is the process of improving an app’s distribution by boosting its search rankings. At Gummicube, we pride ourselves on staying current on the latest tools and trends regarding app store search to ensure your product finds the largest qualified audience. Here are some of the key elements of great app marketing:

Strong and Specific Keywords

The App Store limits keyword lists to 100 characters. As a result, great app marketing requires that developers choose their keywords carefully. At Gummicube, we use our proprietary technology, coupled with detailed data from the App Store, to help marketers select the best keywords. Unlike other app marketing companies, we believe in targeting the most specific and appropriate keywords as opposed to those that are easiest to rank for. Additionally, we stay abreast of seasonal trends and competitor habits to ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities to grow your audience.

Unique, Eye-Catching Title

Your app title is likely the first way in which potential users are introduced to your product. Since you have only 255 characters of space available, it’s important that you select your title, as well as the keywords it includes, with care. After all, spammy titles that include too many irrelevant keywords can easily turn users off. At Gummicube, we specialize in helping app developers choose specific and intriguing titles that make your product’s purpose clear to searchers and help boost your app rank.

Interesting and Attractive Screenshots

Just as people judge books by their covers, many people make a majority of their buying decisions based on appearances. At Gummicube, we understand that screenshots are a great way to market your app in the App Store. Not only can attractive screenshots help draw an audience, but they also offer a great opportunity to showcase your product’s functionality and abilities. Additionally, we recommend that developers add text requesting that customers call with any questions or concerns about their apps.

Contact Gummicube Today for More Great App Marketing Tips

App developers ourselves, we at Gummicube fully understand the importance of delivering optimal results to our clients. Using our proprietary technologies and exclusive data, we help app marketers to optimize their listings in the App Store. Call today to develop a unique, turnkey ASO solution suited to your needs. We look forward to helping find an audience for your product.

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