The Benefits Of A New Boiler

The thought of having a new boiler installed in your home is quite intimidating because of the sheer cost and all of the potential upheaval that can be involved. In the modern day these concerns are still relevant, but much less so than they were many years ago.

Having a new boiler installed is something that now takes less time, costs less money, and creates less disruption to your daily life. In fact the benefits now far outweigh the drawbacks when it comes to boiler installation and so I thought it would be a good idea to go through a few of these benefits to help set your mind at ease before taking the plunge with your own installation.

Saving Space

Modern boilers are much more compact than older systems with no huge tanks required, and this means that you can make much better use of the space in your home. Many people turn cupboards that were specifically used for their old boiler into cupboards that now include both the boiler and storage.

The Benefits Of A New Boiler

There is also the option that new boilers can be moved altogether and stored in smaller kitchen cupboards where there are still hidden away yet accessible when needed. Moving boiler can be a more expensive option but it can also open up a lot more space within your home.

Peace and Quiet

With many old boiler systems people get used to the sound that I make but this can still be annoying, especially if the system is close to bedrooms or areas where people congregate. New boiler systems function in a much quieter fashion and are therefore much less intrusive to your daily life.

Improved Efficiency

All boiler manufacturers now place an awful lot of emphasis on the energy efficiency of each of the products that they produce. This ultimately results in savings for you which could be as much as £200 – £300 per year. Certainly not a figure that should be sniffed at.

Improved Control

With the new system installed, you will be given the ability to control the temperature of each room individually and this is something that again can save you quite a lot of money. Rooms that are used frequently can be set to have higher temperatures whilst rooms that are rarely used or that are used for storage can be set with a lower temperature.

This improved control can make your home a much more comfortable place to live and you will no longer have to keep adjusting the temperature a number of times each day.

Peace of Mind

Having a new boiler in place will often mean that you will get an extended warranty from the manufacturer which could be up to 7 years in length. It’s great to have this peace of mind because the fact is that unexpected things do happen and the main issue with boilers is that you generally only find the faults when the winter months are coming. Having a warranty in place will mean that there are no unexpected expenses in the run-up to Christmas and it also means that you will not be left without hate when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

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