The Benefits Of Having Your Dog Wear A Collar

When a dog is found without a collar, it is almost impossible to find out where the dog came from and return the dog to the owner.  In places where they have an Animal Control department, many times the dog is taken to Animal Control, and can be held there waiting to be picked up or adopted within a certain amount of time.

Disadvantages of Having a Collar

  • Dogs Will Try to Remove the Collar

?     Most dogs are not used to wearing anything, so the first thing they will try to do is remove the collar.  Some people say that it is easier to get dogs accustomed to wearing dog collars by putting it on him/her for short periods of time, increasing the time each time the dog wears the collar, until finally he/she will wear it all the time.  Treats can help with this process as well.  Just remember that it is very common for dogs to try to remove the collar, so don’t give up!

The Benefits Of Having Your Dog Wear A Collar

  • The Collar makes too much Noise when My Dog moves around the House

?     Most dog ID tags are made of metal, so when they clink together, it makes a jingling sound.  This can be irritating to hear at first, but just try to keep in mind that it is what is best for your dog.  If you cannot stand the noise, or it seems to bother your dog, there are collars on the market that are made to contain tags without the usual method of the dangling tags.

  • I’m worried My Dog might get Hurt by the Collar Snagging on something

?      The first thing to make sure of is that your dog collar is tight enough, but not too tight.  If you need help with this, consult your veterinarian.  As long as the collar is the correct tightness, there shouldn’t be a problem with your dog snagging the collar on anything around the house.  If you see that the tags are getting caught in things, you can always look for the collars that do not require dangling tags.

  • The Collar seems Like it is Irritating My Dog’s Skin

?     If your dog has sensitive skin, consider talking to your vet about the different types of collars that are available and what material might be the best choice for your dog.

The Benefits Of Having Your Dog Wear A Collar

Advantages of Having a Collar

  • If your dog rushes out of an open door, the person who finds him/her can know your contact information and call you.
  • If your leash suddenly comes undone while you are walking your dog around the neighborhood, your runaway canine can be identified by his/her tags.
  • You can keep an up to date rabies tag on your dog’s collar.  Many places require up to date rabies shots for dogs, and keeping the tag on the collar is proof that your dog meets these requirements.
  • In the event of a natural disaster, if you are forced to leave your pets behind to evacuate an area, rescuers can contact you by the information on your dog’s collar.

While many people think that it is not necessary to have a collar on a dog that stays indoors all the time, this is simply untrue.  There is always a possibility that the unexpected will happen! If your dog is wearing a collar with tags, it will be that much easier to have your pet back in your home soon.  If your dog backpacks is not currently wearing a collar, start looking at all of the available dog collars on the market and find one that you and your pet will like the most!

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