The Best Grills To Make Amazing BBQ Food

Mastering the grill is a true art form, especially if you want delicious BBQ. Barbecue doesn’t necessarily rely on the type of grill being used, rather the right set of skills; skills that have been practiced and formed over years of grilling and barbecuing. Although it mostly depends on a griller’s proficiency, the type of grill being used can make all the difference, particularly when it comes to noticing the subtleties of great ‘cue.

What distinguishes a grill from being good versus being freaking awesome? Awesome grills typically come with certain luxuries not found in traditional or simpler grills, such as balanced heat distribution, stylish design and greater cooking efficiency. Following are an assortment of the best grills on the market (gas, charcoal and even wood) that will help you produce amazing BBQ.

Broil King Crown 90 (Propane)

The Broil King has a total cooking area of 635 sq. inches, which includes its main burning system, a side burner, back rotisserie burner and warming rack. Its durability is reinforced with its stainless steel design and cast iron cooking grates. Easily start your grill with the Sure-Lite electronic ignition system and accurately adjust the temperature with the Accu-Temp thermometer. This beast will cook amazing barbecue with what appears to be little effort.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E790 (Propane)

The Fire Magic was made to do one thing, grill great BBQ food with ease and luxury. This high-quality grill is known for its intense heat output. You have the option of choosing to grill with infrared and/or cast stainless burners. It’s not an even burning grill, but this seems to be highly preferred so grillers can cook different meats at different temperatures at the same time. It definitely allows for versatility with your cooking. Its stainless steel exterior and interior grids allow for a durable design and reliable grilling every time.

The Best Grills To Make Amazing BBQ Food

Lion 32-Inch Stainless Steel Built In Natural Gas Grill

The Lion is a perfect grill for cooking at night. With an internal lighting system, grillers will have no trouble sizzling their meats into the late evenings. It’s double layered with stainless steel for extra durability. The control panel is a simple design, which gives the user an easy and straightforward approach to grilling. Its stainless steel grids can quickly be interchanged with infrared burners if you desire an alternative cooking method and the heat they produce are evenly distributed for consistent grilling.

Bull Outdoor Bison Stainless Steel Grill Head  (Charcoal)

Charcoal grills often get a bad rap being slow and frustrating to deal with, regardless of how good the meat tastes at the end. Bull Outdoor understands how annoying charcoal can be, so they made grilling with charcoal a heck of a lot easier with the Bison Stainless Steel. They made it so the charcoal could be fully adjustable even after the grids are on the grill. With the easily accessible charcoal holding bin, a griller can add, remove or simply adjust his/her embers.

REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill

Ah, saving the best for last. The REC TEC Wood Pellet is a computerized grill that uses wood pellets. It can ignite at the push of a button and the temperature can easily be controlled throughout the entire grilling process, which is impressive since it runs off wood. Barbecuing with wood pellets has never been so simple. You have the luxury of BBQing with a computerized grilling machine, while getting to experience the savory, smoky flavor of wood in your ‘cue.

Sammy Jo is a writer for Lutz’s BBQ, a local BBQ joint located in Columbia and Jefferson City, Mo. 

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