The Best Of Turkey: Yacht Charter

Towering cliffs, sandy beaches, the blue Aegean Sea, historical sites and sheltered bays are only some of what a Turkey yacht charter has to offer. From Bodrum to Fethiye, Turkey consists of breathtaking scenery and reliable, beneficial winds all along the coast, making this location perfect for swimming and snorkelling in crystal clear waters.

There are three main ports to visit when sailing the coastline, Bodrum, Marmaris as well as Gocek and Fethiye. Each of these destinations has the requisite ingredients to give you the yacht holiday you’ve been dreaming of.

The Best Of Turkey: Yacht Charter


This thriving city has a wonderful blend of history, modern life, and plenty of bars and restaurants.  Anchor in the bay and take a walk among the ruins of the metropolis and revel in the famous statue of Aphrodite.

  • Take a trip to the Castle of St. Peter. It was once defended by knights of various nationalities but during the reign of the Ottoman sultan, Suleyman, it passed into Turkish hands and a mosque was then built inside. Today, inside the castle is Bodrum’s Museum of Underwater Archaeology.
  • In Bodrum, yachting is no joke. From the crystal clear waters of the blue Aegean Sea the marina is full of yachts of all sizes great and small. From there, head to the Ottoman Shipyard to see atmospheric tombstones and stunning views.
  • Behind the Castle of St. Peter is one of the most unique places of Bodrum. Stroll through the alleyways and enjoy crawling vines, whitewashed and stone cottages and dozens of charming cafes.


One of the most popular places for sailors, Marmaris is full of lively restaurants and bars that stretch across the seafront. There lies a large, protected bay and there are plenty of bases located around the bay that are away from the hustle and bustle of the main town.

  • You must visit Sedir Island, which is a small island beach that was made with tiny particles of perfectly round sand, similar to seashells. This beach is under government conservation to prevent sand, said to be originally from Egypt, being removed from the stunning location.
  • Marmaris Castle was built by the Ionians but later was repaired by Alexander the Great. Today, a museum is located inside the castle just behind the marina.
  • From the Dalyan River you can view the Lycian tombs that are cut out from rock dating back to 400 BC. When you go south on the Mediterranean, there lies Iztuzu Beach, which is great for sunbathing and swimming and just relaxing.

Gocek and Fethiye

This area of the Turkish coast is every sailor’s dream. There are many islands and sheltered coves and anchorages that are perfect for spending a peaceful and romantic night. These waters are usually calm and clear with short passages but for more adventurous sailors, the gulf can be limited.

  • When on land gathering food for the boat, go to the Fethiye market. Here you can find fresh fruits and other foods to enjoy.
  • Oludeniz Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world. You won’t want to miss out on a dip in the lagoon.
  • Lucky for yachters, Gocek is an international yachting centre with 5 marinas that are surrounded by trees and forest and natural beauty. This small fishing village is quiet, away from the noise and the perfect place for a yacht holiday.

When sailing along the coast of Turkey, the scenery is superb but don’t overlook the cities and all of their charm and history. Each location has something different to offer from sandy beaches to Ottoman ruins. Appreciate the beauty and unique culture of Turkey while on your yacht holiday.

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