The Best Tools For Sharing Images: Pinterest, Flickr or Instagram

The latest trends used by agencies specializing in marketing and promotion of events or product launches go home by day as social networking each day consumers care more about what they think and recommend their acquaintances. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, social networks or applications that let you share images conquering more users every day even between businesses and large enterprises. Indeed, these types of programs and applications are great way to promote items, events or to do branding and attract customers to their sites or stores. We only need to create an account for your company from which you can edit and publish your photos and can be shared and views on major networks in which you are enrolled. The key to success by marketing these applications is up in a constant creative content, informative and entertaining online communities so you can create an emotional bond with customers greater than that obtained with a simple text. Among the main applications photo sharing in social networks is: Instagram, Flickr or Pinterest. We offer all the keys to know what interests you most.

The Best Tools For Sharing Images: Pinterest, Flickr or Instagram


With 21 million unique users, this is the social network with the fastest growth of the history of the 2.0. On Pinterest, users search, upload and share photos and videos grouped by categories. Used to share photos and create collections of them, and its main objective to unite people through objects. Its advantages include the ease of use to climb (carrying the image or adding the web address) and share the images both on the platform and in websites and blogs by the buttons to “follow” or “share” images while browsing the Internet, and of the platform itself. Also the design allows you to see the reaction of a specific product (number of pins, repins or comments). Its main drawback is the lack of interaction in our country, with 62,000 out of 21 million users worldwide;


Is social network focused on images with more experience. In eight years has managed 7,000 million images and are already 51 million unique users all over the world sharing and interacting on Flickr. The application allows images to be viewed in various sizes and even in presentation mode, offers a facility to upload, describe, tag and organize images , lets you apply filters to your photos, you can create groups and communities of interest and its licensing system helps to share and cite sources with links to blogs and websites that have permission. The disadvantages noted that charges money if you want to expand capacity.


Recently acquired by Facebook, the social network for mobile is touted as a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with your friends through the images. Follows the principle, applied to the digital world with cameras Polaroid instant photo sharing, at the time of capturing the moment. Instagram has 40 million users. It is a free application for smartphone which is used to share photos with other users and you can apply effects and filters, frames and retro and vintage colors , plus share through their own social network or in which you subscribe, for advance features and easy access you can  buy more instagram followers. A distinctive feature of the application is that it gives a square shape and rounded at the tips to photographs. Among its advantages is the speed to share everyday moments with family and friends, the filters that can be applied to catches with mobile and geo-location.

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