College has been the traditional next step after high school for most westerners for nearly the couple generations. The common idea has been that one must go to college in order to get ahead in life, to make something of himself, and to not get stuck at an entry level job forever. Those who opt out of college have even often been looked down on as second class. However the media is reporting more commonly recently that college has not really been that beneficial for many. Stories are commonly being reported that show college graduates struggling to find entry level jobs, let alone high paying ones in their field of study.
So what is the best? Should college be abandoned in fear of becoming one of those depressing stories? Should apprenticeship become the new next step? It really depends on the individual situation. Apprenticeship does have its value. It teaches a trade in a hands-on way and nearly guarantees a job. It also usually pays while the apprentice is in the program. This can seem pretty attractive when compared to the classroom learning, lack of income, and resulting debt that comes with many college experiences.

There really is no one answer. Both options can work in the right situations. A college degree can extremely beneficial for the right field, and if the student applies himself. Some degrees really say nothing more than the fact that a person went to college, but the right degree can be a huge asset.
And one must not forget that a high paying job is not the only benefit of a college education. Even if a college graduate ends up a job completely unrelated to his degree, his college education has given him many great things, that is if he applied himself instead of just barely passing through. In a good college program, a student learns to think critically. He learns to gather and process information, to formulate intelligent opinions, to research and express his findings, and to break biases and uneducated opinions. A college education can be invaluable in developing a person as a well rounded individual. It can also be the source of lifelong friends and memories.
While a college education is not always the ideal choice for every situation, and an apprenticeship is sometimes the most advantageous decision for some, college should not yet be completely discredited. The value of a formal higher education is, and shall remain, priceless.
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