The COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot Helps to Create A Safer Workplace

The COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot Helps to Create A Safer Workplace

Digital innovations have shown us how the world always makes frequent attempts to adapt to a fast-paced culture. In the middle of a global pandemic, we have chosen social or physical distancing as the only reasonable solution. But, the imposition of this social-distancing on businesses and commercial ventures has intensified the crisis of unemployment. In fact, in numerous third world countries, the rise in the unemployment rate has affected several employees and freshers. In such trying times, designing an artificial intelligence chatbot for business interactions is of utmost importance. Creating a chatbot for a website has transformed the entire process of exchanging information. With the aid of these virtual technologies, employees can easily chat with each other, as well as with their clients. Needless to say, chatbots add massive value to various business programs and especially help to create a safer workplace during this pandemic. Let us take a look at a few cases where some of these chatbots can be used to enhance business interactions. 

  • Virtual Game

Virtual or internet games, such as an online casino with exciting offers and 10 euro bonus, ‘FIFA,’ or Counter-Strike have gained a lot of popularity during this pandemic. Numerous avid gamers have found these online gaming platforms extremely useful and entertaining. 

  • Virtual COVID-19 Assessment Chatbot

In order to provide information about the coronavirus symptoms and keep track of the COVID-19 crisis response, several AI-based chatbots, such as COVID Bot and Infermedica, have come forward. If you seek some sort of virtual assistance to know more about this virus, the infected patients, or the medicines you may buy, these chatbots will offer you the best solutions immediately. 

  • Health Supplies

It is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle during a pandemic. In fact, you can avoid going to a hospital if you store some health supplies at your home. Ordering them has become a lot easier with the help of chatbots. You can browse the medical stores in your locality, order medicines and other things, and make contactless payments. If you want to place an order, you can contact the company’s executive through a chatbot online and receive your order in a few days.  

  • Queries and Guidelines

In order to ensure a safer interaction, employees and \ customers can express their queries through a chatbot. An employee can check his or her company’s guidelines and ask COVID-19-related questions. To provide proper guidelines, facts, and figures, chatbot’s content has to be brilliant and informative at the same time. False data can create controversies.

 Customer Service

Social-distancing has taught all of us a vital lesson: digital platforms are the future. Several companies and organizations are fanatically implementing chatbots to offer better customer services. A customer service chatbot can answer multiple repetitive questions and provide every possible solution, making almost all the business including interactions between mobile app development company safer, easier, and faster. 

The COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot Helps to Create A Safer Workplace

  • Banking Assistance

ChatBot technology has undoubtedly enhanced banking facilities and transactions. In fact, they are the intelligent banking assistants, through which you can pose as many queries as you can relate to banking. A conversational exchange of details makes the whole procedure more intimate and friendly. Chatbots can enhance productivity and promote contactless banking services. 

  • IT Helpdesk

If software engineers in an IT sector know how to build a chatbot, they can create their own IT helpdesk for better management of remote teams. Despite working from home, it is extremely crucial for a company to maintain work continuity. To build a chatbot, an IT team must be aware of the technical and end-user demands that their chatbot can meet. Chatbots can also be used to reset passwords and handle notifications. The performance of an office team depends a lot on its solidarity, which can be improved by frequent interactions. Social-distancing has imposed numerous restrictions, and that is precisely why remote working is the safest option the companies can go for. The employees working from their homes cannot work without these virtual AI-based chatbots. 

  • Human Resources

Human Resources, or HR teams, find it quite difficult to function during this pandemic. But, with the chatbots, they can extend their services and address the persistent queries posed by their employees. Several official issues such as salaries, leave requests, workplace guidelines, PTOs, and employee policies are taken care of through these chatbots. Thus, meetings and virtual onboardings can be performed and executed because the HR teams can always stay connected with their employees. 

The ‘COVID-19 Risk Assessment Chatbot’ has succeeded in handling various businesses, including non-profit organizations, hotels, and public institutions. It keeps educating and enlightening the employees and their clients on the symptoms of coronavirus. It also keeps track of the COVID-infected patients so that it can warn a company that is planning to call its employees back to the office. 

There is no specific chatbot definition: it is computer software that can simulate human-like conversations through text and audio messages. Have you ever used a chatbot and engaged in a virtual talk? Let us know in the comments! 

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