The Favorites and Underdogs – The New NFL Season Is On

Comprised into five months of gladiatorial football combat, the NFL is one of the most exciting sport leagues in the world. Also, the fact that ten different teams have won the league over in the last fifteen years only adds to the overall impression of quality that this competition leaves. Since the new season has already begun, it is clear that some teams are already standing out as favorites to win the league. Unfortunately, some teams are having unexpected difficulties.

The Favorites and Underdogs - The New NFL Season Is On

Packers – Opening for Super Bowl

After the first three games, the winners of the Super Bowl XLV remain undefeated. As of now, the guys from Wisconsin are among the biggest favorites to win the Super Bowl 50. The Packers lost one of their best players, wide receiver Jordy Nelson, due to a knee injury in their last pre-season game. Even without Jordy Nelson, the team from Green Bay has packed in three victories at the beginning of the season. With the proper leadership of Eddie Lacy (commander for the defensive shield) and the offensive line leaders James Jones and Randall Cobb, this team is paving their way to their first Super Bowl win in the last five years.

The Favorites and Underdogs - The New NFL Season Is On

Patriots unleashed

Being last year’s Super Bowl champions, the Patriots are eager to bring another Super Bowl title to Massachusetts. Together with the Green Bay Packers, the New England Patriots again have huge ambitions. Their defeat-less start puts them closer to that goal. The most important player for this team still remains to be Tom Brady. Just this season alone, he has successfully thrown for 1,112 passing yards, making him the only quarterback in the league to go over 1,100 passing yards this season. Brady is assisted by Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski, making them the most effective offensive line in the league.

 The Favorites and Underdogs - The New NFL Season Is On

Broncos on the Run

Peyton Manning’s four-year long swan song with Denver Broncos might turn into an ode this year. This 14-time Pro Bowl star could lead the guys from Denver to their first Super Bowl title since 1999, since he almost landed this victory in 2014 at Super Bowl XLVIII. Manning has a great team, too. His success this year will largely depend on Demaryius Thomas, and his receiving skills. On the down side, this team has an uneven offensive line. In order to save the hard work done by Manning and Thomas, this team is going to need to strengthen this area first.

The Favorites and Underdogs - The New NFL Season Is On

Seahawks or Sparrows?

Last season’s Super Bowl runners-up are struggling at the beginning of the new season. Before the beginning of the season, they were considered one of the biggest favorites to take the title this year. Unfortunately, the faith in their success has waned after the first three games. However, now that Kam Chancellor is back, Seahawks are expected to justify their role of favorites and not sink among the underdogs. The current shape of Darrell Bevell and Jimmy Graham are promises for better days with the Seahawks this fall.

The Favorites and Underdogs - The New NFL Season Is On

Struggling Cowboys

Before the start of the season, NFL rumors saw Dallas Cowboys as a team ready to get back where they were in the mid-1990s – on top. However, the 1-2 score after the first two matches does not look too convincing. Although Joseph Randle has woken up and he’s reaching his top form, the defense does not meet the expectations. They showed a wide scope of weak spots against Atlanta at their home game. Without their quarterback, Tony Romo, the Cowboys need a much stronger defense to take the title.

The golden jubilee of NFL will bring one of the most intensive fights for the title. We can only sit back and enjoy season, as well as the 50 Super Bowl finals at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

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