Nowadays, with renewable energy resources diminishing over the last ten years, solar power devices are more critical per watt. It will probably become economical over the next couple of years and become increasingly Costas better technology. Regular sunlight above (ca. 1366W) is accessible on earth at no cost. This is an infinite source of energy. Sunlight is directly converted into solar energy using the smallest solar photovoltaic (PV) cells, and the key advantage of solar energy over other traditional power generators. There was a lot of work to integrate the energy of the Sun. As u all know that Pakistan is the lead generator of solar panels in the world capturing its ideal geographical location. Pakistan as the plus point that it receives tropical sunlight and has clear skies in the whole year. The key benefits of solar power, in contrast to those of different fossil fuels and oils in the last ten years, are that the energy is free to be produced and available in vast amounts as a supply. Therefore, the cost of solar energy relative to traditional technology needs significantly lower labor costs. Our different solar panel companies looking at the impressive manufacturing and installation rate of solar panel power for the commercial, businesses, industrial and residential sectors.

Though there are different ways of harnessing solar energy, rooftop solar panels are becoming popular these days due to their low installation cost and other cost-saving benefits. Installing a rooftop solar system requires solar panels which are an assembly of photovoltaic cells (solar cells), an inverter, AC/DC switches, and electrical conduit. Rooftop solar panels can be easily mounted on the roof of buildings to harness solar energy. However, the installation process isn’t that easy and simple

Usages of Solar Panel:

Although there are numerous means of using solar energy, solar panels in the roof are currently increasingly common because of its low installation and other cost-effective advantages. Solar panels that are a photovoltaic cell (solar cells), an inverter, AC / DC switches, and an electric conduit are required in the installation of a rooftop system. Solar panels on the roof of buildings can easily be installed to use solar electricity.

Rooftop slope:

When evaluating the performance of solar panels, the slope of a roof is a crucial factor. The slope also has to be made simpler in the rainy season to drain water. The simplest way of using a north facedown roof is to produce full energy by using solar panels mounted on such a roof. In order to better absorb the rainwater and eliminate the waste, roof inclinations should also be between 10-30 degrees.

The roof can withstand weight measurement:

Each roof can resist the risk of collapse of a certain amount of weight. Yes, the weight on the roof increases with solar panels. Therefore, you have to calculate the weight that your roof will bear, to prevent dangerous circumstances such as a failure and a significant monetary loss. You will have experts to test it. A specialist inspects the roof and also decides whether additional support is required.


Carbon quantity called solar energy in form of heat and radiation. The radiant light and warmth from the sun are natural energy sources which use a number of technologies such as solar radiation, solar engineering, solar heating, molten salt energy which artificial photo-synthesis that are ever-evolving and growing. The wide variety of available solar power makes electricity attractive. The solar radiation returns in space by 30% (approximately) while the rest is absorbed by air, cloud and soil mass


Sunlight transform PV cells to electricity direct current (DC). Charge controllers act as power monitoring systems from solar panels, which return to the solar panel, causing the damage to panels. When no sunlight (e.g. night) is available, the battery system functions as a storage of electricity. From this system connected to the converter direct current (DC) into alternative current (AC)


Most of the people are aware of non-renewable energy resources. Solar energy has become increasingly more popular due to its economic benefits. By on Battery Backup, Solar Energy can even provide Electricity 24×7, even on cloudy days and at night. This also used with an inter-grid System with Continuously Power supply. It has more benefits compared to other forms of energy like fossil fuels and petroleum deposits. It is an alternative that is a promise and consistent to meet the high energy demand. Research on solar cell and solar energy are promising to have a future worldwide. arduino , 3 ply mask, 

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, infrared thermometer 

Written by: Nimra Siddiqui

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