The Guts and Glory Of The Dodge Ram

The Guts and Glory Of The Dodge Ram

With a reputation of being one of North America’s longest lasting line of pickups and commercial grade vehicles, there aren’t many people who haven’t heard about the guts and Glory of the Dodge Ram, and how it is definitely one of the toughest and most durable work vehicles you will find on any job site. Check out the great selection of RAM vehicles at Ontario RAM.

When the popular automotive manufacturer Dodge originally designed their Ram trucks, they actually subjected the vehicle to conditions far worse than you could probably imagine, much less what you could possibly put them through, to really see how tough they truly were. After first going through rigorous trial’s in their testing chambers, they were then faced with a whole bunch of intensely difficult and particularly grueling on-road trials, where they had to operate in conditions that ranged from unbelievably hot desserts on one side of the coin, with a temperature reaching a sweltering 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 49 degrees Celsius, with the other side of the coin of course being an unforgiving arctic climate, where the vehicles were subjected to a brutal -20 degrees Fahrenheit or -29 degrees Celsius, which is probably far colder an any place you have ever visited.

The Guts and Glory Of The Dodge Ram

It’s because of this rigorous testing, that the manufacturers of the Dodge Ram are so totally confident when they say they are definitely one of the toughest vehicles on the road, and they are able to handle anything you can throw at them, whether at work or play. They guarantee that your Dodge Ram will not only meet, but greatly exceed all of your expectations, no matter what you’re going to use it for, and that it is designed for longevity to handle the test of time.

In fact, unbelievably, of all the Ram vehicles sold in the last 27 years, there are actually 80% of them still on the road today, outperforming their competitors such as GMC’s that have 70% of their vehicles on the road, Ford has 69% still running and Chevys are in last place with only 68% still chugging along. The bottom line is that there is nothing better than the Guts and Glory of the Dodge Ram that is known for being Ram tough. Pay a visit to for some great deals.

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