The Importance Of Communication In A New Friendship

The essence of every relationship doesn’t lie in the physical attraction a person feels towards the other, but in the similarity in their mindsets. Communication has a crucial role to play in establishing relationships and taking it forward. Communication can make or break a relationship, and unless a couple find topics to discuss and enjoy together, it is likely that the relationship will be bleak over a while and get boring. This holds good for beginners in a new friendship or relationship as well. You need to know the tricks to actually keep the relationship alive. But before that, you also need to know the tricks to start a good conversation and continue to keep it interesting every time you speak to her. There are several ways by which you can let this happen and it all starts with carrying a good amount of self confidence in you. You can begin the conversation with general topics –

  • You can talk about the weather if you do not find any reason to talk to her,
  • You can talk about a situation that you both are caught up in – maybe rain, burning heat, standing in a line, at the waiting hall or even a shopping mall.
  • You can talk about something that is annoying you both
  • You could also talk about any interesting topic that both of you develop interest in – however, this is possible only when you know what topic would interest her.

The Importance Of Communication In A New Friendship

Conversation can turn a New Friendship into a long lasting One—here is how!

Most long lasting friendships start out small. It is usually a common point of interest that sparks interest in the other person. So, if you have a friend like that, it is important that you strive to find topics of conversation to build up that rapport and end up as good friends over time.

The more you talk to each other, the more interesting this relationship will become. You may discover similar likes, and the personality of your friend may amaze you more than you thought. If you find you both have similar tastes and likes, it could result in stronger bonding and more fun. With good conversation starters in mind, you can be well prepared to pick a conversation in any given situation and be the ice breaker.

How to keep the Conversation Continuing

Make opportunities to discuss more about what you like. Try to recognize the topics that both of you are inclined to discuss. While talking is important, it is equally important to be a good listener too. Allow your friend to speak openly and don’t be judgmental. It is in this way that you find a confidante with who you can discuss things freely which may even be the biggest concerns you may have.

Use the first conversation you had with your friend as the base for your future communication. Let every consequent meeting be a chance for you to explore the interests of the person you just met. With a couple of rendezvous, you will be in a situation to know what topics will be ideal for the two of you to talk about and enjoy together. If you start off on the right note, you will most likely find a friend for life. Remember, that most life-time relationships start off with friendship first, so if that is your intent, make sure that you are bent on making it work with your talent at communication. All you need is good conversation starters to make it work for you and create an impression that lasts forever in her mind. Are you still thinking?

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